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Posted: 26th September 2011

Falling into Place

First, a word from our sponsors:

Dr Zen has asked us to ask you to use the #h2g2move tag as much as possible. You can get all the latest dope on the upcoming move at this Twitter location. Happy Nerd assures me that the latest thing is for people to use these hash tags on everything, including their underwear. I live and learn. Go for it.

I hope your fall is shaping up nicely. Now that the equinox has come and gone, it's time to put away the playthings of halcyon summer. (What summer?, I hear Prof Animal Chaos saying. It's rained every blessed day in Yorkshire! Well, okay. Besides, in South Africa, Willem's spotting the first flowers of spring.) I know you've all got work to do, and plans – but I'd like to make a special plea here before I give the platform back to Bel. (And not before time, I hear you all saying. Where's our favourite editor? She's on her way home, folks, I promise.)

One thing I've learned as I've watched with amazement at the preparations for the h2g2 migration: you people are brilliant. You have organisational talent that I wouldn't have believed possible if I hadn't seen it with my own email server. This is an undertaking of astounding genius. All I can do is sit here and type my fingers off trying to provide content – and inspire content. Which is what I wanted to talk to you about.

We've got a great site. What we need is more content. Each and every one of you has something worthwhile to contribute: a story, a poem, an experience, a Guide Entry. I'm going to plead with you to make time in your busy schedules to make sure that content gets from your head to the web page. Make an appointment with your keyboard to spend at least half an hour a week working on something which will add to the content of this site. (Even if it means you have to catch up on the blog later.) If you have a cool journal entry, drop us a line at the Post, and we'll include it here. Start that Guide Entry, or polish it a bit. Send us that photo. Don't just write about h2g2, write for h2g2.

In addition to the entertaining material hereunto appended, there are a couple of bits in there that are designed to get you started on some writing. Get on board – we're looking forward to reading what you come up with.

End of pep talk. Here's the last Post of September. Enjoy!

Dmitri Gheorgheni



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