The Post Time-Travel Challenge II: Olympic Journeys

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Over in Peer Review, the ball is already rolling. It's time for us at the Post to pull up our socks and issue a new challenge. (Yes, we know the Art Challenge is still running. You can multi-process. That's an order.)

It's time (!) to oil the old clock gears again. Set your chronometers for…

The Post Time-Travel Challenge II: Olympic Journeys

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Yes, we know we've done time travel before. We know what you did with the instructions, too. I will never forget how Prof Animal Chaos stranded me in Palestine, somewhere BCE. I'm still trying to get the sand out of my boots. Nonetheless and all that notwithstanding, we need Olympic copy, and we are going to get it, you lazy people. So here's the task:

  • Pick an Olympic year, either BCE or CE.
  • Go there in your time machine.
  • Tell us about it.

Remember: If you've got lots of interesting gen about a particular Olympic games, a particular Olympic sport, a special Olympic hero, or similar stuff of an informational-type nature, by all means write a Guide Entry and send it to Peer Review. We cannot stress this enough. BUT…(as the Prof says)…BUT…

If you're hankering for a 'you are there' experience…if you feel you've missed your natural place and time (say Athens, about 4.30 pm on a Saturday afternoon, somewhere in the time of Socrates)…if you are itching to try out a story idea involving athletes and detectives …

Then this is your challenge to shine in.

Write it up for us. The deadline is whenever you get it done, up to the moment when they light that torch in Athens…er, London…again.

Unlike the Olympics itself, we can offer no gold, silver, or bronze medals. You are participating for the glory that was Greece, or will be the UK, or whatever. Come make us laugh, cry, think, thrill to the Olympic action.

Get to work. Don't make me come out there.

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