FANTASY FOOTBALL - Season 5 - "Saints All The Way"

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We are Bladesmen, Super Bladesmen. We are Bladesmen from the Lane.

Hello and welcome to the fifth season of Fantasy Football played on h2g2!

This season starts with a few changes. Firstly, after three seasons in the top ranks of Fantasy management Egon has decided to bow out and take up new challenges elsewhere. We wish him well smiley - ok

The second change has been a tweaking of the rules after some lengthy discussions at the end of the last season. The definitive rules are now:

  • Two points for the correct result - win, lose or draw
  • One bonus point for the correct score line
  • One point if the selected scorer scores at any time during the game
  • One bonus point if the selected scorer scores the first goal in the game

As in previous seasons, a correct selection of nil-nil will be awarded the full 5 points. The reasoning being that the result is correct, the score line is correct, you correctly said no one would score and they duly didn't!

Hillsborough Stadium c.2005

The third and final change to the rules is the adoption of an optional 'Fantasy Pools Panel' system, for use in instances when players cannot for some reason make a selection one week. There is a link to this Pools Panel page at the bottom of this page.

This season is scheduled to last (unless anyone has any strong objections) to the end of the regular Premiership season on May 11th.

There is also now up and running a short sharp competition based around the Division 1 to 3 plus Conference League playoffs. So get your sweet arse over here and get picking your selections smiley - ok

League Table

Final Standings at Season's End:

RankResearcherTotal PointsResult W/L/DCorrect Score BonusScorer Scores1st Scorer BonusRelegated
2.Otto Fisch133689301610
4.Uncle Heavy1148051748
9.Master B4976831259
10.spook5 668445847



Weekly Winners

Full Houses

  • Week 2: Vercingetorix - Arminia Bielefeld 0-0 Bayern Munich (no scorer)
  • Week 5: spook - Scunthorpe 0-0 Lincoln City (no scorer)
  • Week 5: Tonto and spook - Albion Rovers 0-0 Peterhead (no scorer)
  • Week 6: Otto Fisch and GreyDesk - Altay 0-0 Gaziantepspor (no scorer)
  • Week 8: Tonto - Charlton 0-2 Newcastle (Shearer)
  • Week 9: Uncle Heavy - West Ham 2-0 Sunderland (Defoe)
  • Week 9: Robin - QPR 0-1 Wigan Athletic (Ellington)
  • Week 12: Robin and Egon - Cork City 0-0 St.Patricks Athletic (no scorer)
  • Week 13: Tonto - Crystal Palace 0-0 Rotherham (no scorer)
  • Week 13: Robin - Everton 1-2 Liverpool (Owen)
  • Week 15: Ormondroyd - Dunfermline 1-4 Celtic 4 (Larsson)
  • Week 15: Robin - Kilmarnock 1-0 Hearts (McSwegan)
  • Week 16: Uncle Heavy - Sunderland 0-4 Arsenal (Henry)

Previous Season Winners

Fantasy Pools Panel

A Pools Panel system is available to players if they request it.

Fantasy Football - "Who's Going to Win"

And here is a quick link to the side competition still running from the last Fantasy Football season all about who is going to win assorted competitions this year.

1Total includes 6 points from the 'Fantasy Football Pools Panel'. 2Total includes 6 points from the 'Fantasy Football Pools Panel'.3Total includes 4 points from the 'Fantasy Football Pools Panel'.4Total includes 3 points from the 'Fantasy Football Pools Panel'.5One bonus point added for pointing out my error in the WEEK SEVEN & A HALF - Relegation! thread. Then one point deducted for being a cheeky so and so when telling me about it smiley - nahnah6Total includes 12 points from the 'Fantasy Football Pools Panel'.7Total includes 10 points from the 'Fantasy Football Pools Panel'.

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