A Conversation for FANTASY FOOTBALL - Season 5 - "Saints All The Way"

WEEK TEN - Internationals

Post 21


Romania 0-1 Denmark (Claus Jensen)
Scotland 2-1 Iceland (Crawford)
Wales 2-0 Azerbaijan (Giggs)
Liechtenstein 0-3 England (Owen)
Croatia 3-1 Belgium (Rapiac)

WEEK TEN - Internationals

Post 22


Romania v Denmark 1-1 Claus Jensen
Scotland v Iceland 1-1 Crawford
Wales v Azerbaijan 2-1 Bellamy
Liechtenstein v England 1-4 Beckham
Croatia v Belgium 2-2 Mpenza


WEEK TEN - Internationals

Post 23

Otto Fisch ("Stop analysing Strava.... and cut your hedge")

Romania 0 Denmark 2 (Rommedahl)
Scotland 1 Iceland 1 (Gudjohnson)
Wales 3 Azerbaijan 0 (Bellamy)
Liechtenstein 0 England 6 (Owen)
Croatia 0 Belgium 1 (Sonck)

WEEK TEN - Internationals

Post 24


Some 'Pools Panel' selections have been requested, and here are the results.

Robin - sorry you didn't get any scorers

Spook - You already chose England to beat Liechtenstein 3-0 with Owen scoring first, and the 'big computer' has picked the following for your remaining four matches:

Romania 5-3 Denmark
Scotland 3-0 Iceland
Wales 0-2 Azerbaijan
Croatia 1-1 Belgium

and no scorers.

WEEK TEN - Internationals

Post 25


sweet i would have got about that many right anyway. smiley - smiley

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 26


Another high scoring week this week (apart from me it seems smiley - cry). Looking at the table there have been quite a few changes in the mid sections, but I detect a certain gap appearing at the top as two head off into the distance - which as a Blade looks worryingly familiar.

Anyway, the results, scores, points and all that jazz...


The Results:

Romania 2-5 Denmark (MUTU, Tomasson, Contra, Gravesen, Rommedahl, Munteanu)

Scotland 2-1 Iceland (MILLER, Gudjohnsen, Wilkie)

Wales 4-0 Azerbaijan (BELLAMY, Speed, Hartson, Giggs)

Leichtenstein 0-2 England (OWEN, Beckham)

Croatia 4-0 Belgium (SRNA, Prso, Maric, Leko)


The Points:

Egon - 9 points (Romania scorer, Scotland result, scorer & 1st scorer, Wales & Leichtenstein result)

Uncle Heavy - 10 points (Romania, Wales & Leichtenstein result & scorer, Scotland scorer)

Master B - 10 points (Romania, Leichtenstein & Croatia scorer, Wales result, scorer & 1st scorer)

Tonto - 14 points (Romania & Wales result & scorer, Scotland & Leichtenstein result, scorer & 1st scorer)

Robin - 12 points (Romania, Scotland, Wales & Croatia result, Leichtenstein result, scorer & 1st scorer)

GreyDesk - 7 points (Romania & Scotland scorer, Wales result & scorer, Leichtenstein result)

Ormondroyd - 14 points (Romania & Croatia result, Scotland result & score, Wales result & scorer, Leichtenstein result, scorer & 1st scorer)

Sprout - 7 points (Wales result, scorer & 1st scorer, Leichtenstein result & scorer)

Otto Fisch - 12 points (Romania result & scorer, Scotland scorer, Wales & Leichtenstein result, scorer & 1st scorer)

spook - 6 points (Scotland result, Leichtenstein result, scorer & 1st scorer)

And that lot means that Tonto and Ormondroyd are our joint weekly winners on 14 points smiley - smiley


As ever, please check your own scores as I do make the odd mistake around here.

The table will be updated shortly.

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 27

Mu Beta

My scores are correct - your proof-reading's terrible, however smiley - tongueout

Good old Craig Bellamy.smiley - smiley If you were going to have bet on anyone scoring in the first mintue.


WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 28


So which bits are wrong then?

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 29


Well, you've spelt "Liechtenstein" wrong.

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 30


Yes, I suppose that's true. Bloody stupid country smiley - cross

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 31


I've got to say, the performance yesterday by England is making me wonder whether my ticket for Wednesday night could be the biggest waste of £35 I've ever made...

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 32


It was pretty dire wasn't it. There were definite moments when I thought my prediction of a Liechtenstein score would materialise.

As for Wednesday, well if you've lost confidence, you could always try off loading the ticket at your neighbourhood kebab shop. As I'm sure the proprietors will be up for it smiley - erm

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 33


Nah, the bloke who runs our Kebab shops Iranian.

WEEK TEN - Internationals - RESULTS

Post 34

Uncle Heavy [sic]

i was rooting for lichtenstein to score and give me a full house smiley - winkeye

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