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Ormondroyd is the triumphant winner of h2g2 World Cup fantasy football 2002- The unofficial predictions game of Japan/Korea 2002. First there was Fantasy football. Then gedge got a job, which indirectly led to me taking charge for the stupendous Fantasy football-season 2, and now we get serious!

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The rules of h2g2 fantasy football really are incredibly simple. Guess the results. Really, that's it.

Well alright, maybe that's not quite IT. The general gist of the rules are: I pick five games, you predict a score and first goalscorer. eg Arsenal 1-0 Everton (Wiltord). There is one point available for predicting the right team to win (or predicting a draw correctly), two for predicting the right score, and two for predicting first goalscorer.

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So, (with the correct score being 1-0 (wiltord)

Arsenal 1-0 Everton (wiltord)- 5 points [result, score, scorer]

Arsenal 1-0 Everton (henry)- 3 points [result, score]

Arsenal 2-0 Everton (wiltord)-3 points [result, scorer]

Arsenal 2-0 Everton (henry)- 1 point [result]

Arsenal 1-2 Everton (wiltord)- 2 points [scorer]

Arsenal 0-4 Everton (campbell)- 0 points [all wrong- but I get the full 5 for blind optimism]

Also, at the suggestion of Otto, correctly predicting a 0-0 draw will earn 5 points (there is no scorer to guess, so this counts as correct scorer)


Guess who will win the world cup with your first set of predictions- a correct guess gets 5 bonus points at the end of the tournament

Double points for world cup final predictions

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World Cup predictions

In the previous games of Fantasy football either Gedge or I have nominated five games each week for you, the punters, to predict the outcomes of, along the lines above. Now, for the World Cup things will be slightly different.

For each round of matches in the group stage I will choose ONE match from each group, making eight per round. these will be in threads hanging off this page, headed "GROUP STAGE ROUND ONE", "GROUP STAGE ROUND TWO", GROUP STAGE ROUND THREE"

From the second round onwards, every match will be on the list, and these threads will be marked "SECOND ROUND", "QUARTER FINAL, "SEMI FINAL", "THIRD/FOURTH PLAYOFF" and "FINAL"

The deadline for predictions for each round of matches is 1.00AM BST on the day of the first match of that round.

As I said earlier, if you don't enter for a round, or you miss the deadline, your predictions will be taken as 0-0 draws. By popular demand, I am returning to the old rule that if the 0-0s give more points than someone who has entered, the people with 0-0s will have their scores rounded down to match the lowest score of the round.

All that remains to be said is "Good luck" and lets hope Otto doesn't run away with this as easily as he hass with seasons one and two


A full house is achieved by gaining all five available points from one match. Here is a list of everyone who has achieved a full house:

Great Western Lettuce Croatia 0-1 Mexico (Blanco) (Group G Round One)

Jack Naples Germany 1-1 Ireland (Klose) (Group E Round Two)

Demon Drawer Germany 1-1 Ireland (Klose) (Group E Round Two)

Ormondroyd Portugal 4-0 Poland (Pauleta) (Group D Round Two)


Pos PointsResultScoreScorer
3=. GreyDesk3401837
3=.Otto Fisch4401639
5=.Demon Drawer5341825
7=.Great Western Lettuce8331633
11.. Jack Naples27945
13.Alfredo Marquez191113
Football star in sunglasses
1H2G2 WORLD CUPFANTASY FOOTBALL CHAMPION!!!!! Includes two bonus points for predicting Brazil to win in final prediction2Includes two bonus points for predicting Brazil to win in final prediction and five bonus points for predicting Brazil to win from the outset3Includes two bonus points for predicting Brazil to win in final prediction4Includes two bonus points for predicting Brazil to win in final prediction5Includes two bonus points for predicting Brazil to win in final prediction6Includes two bonus points for predicting Brazil to win in final prediction7Includes two bonus points for predicting Brazil to win in final prediction8Includes five bonus points for predicting Brazil to win from the outset

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