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Hello, I'm Egon. You may remember me from such fantasy football seasons as Season One, organised by gedge, won by Otto, I came third, SeasonTwo, again won by Otto, with me again third, and the very hectic Fantasy Football World Cup, when Ormondroyd emerged from two seasons coming second to Otto to take the title.


A football with a park super-imposed on it

The rules of h2g2 fantasy football really are incredibly simple. Guess the results. Really, that's it.

Well alright, maybe that's not quite IT. The general gist of the rules are: I pick five games, you predict a score and first goalscorer. eg Arsenal 1-0 Everton (Wiltord). There is one point available for predicting the right team to win (or predicting a draw correctly), two for predicting the right score, and two for predicting first goalscorer.

A football with strikers

So, (with the correct score being 1-0 (wiltord)

Arsenal 1-0 Everton (wiltord)- 5 points [result, score, scorer]

Arsenal 1-0 Everton (henry)- 3 points [result, score]

Arsenal 2-0 Everton (wiltord)-3 points [result, scorer]

Arsenal 2-0 Everton (henry)- 1 point [result]

Arsenal 1-2 Everton (wiltord)- 2 points [scorer]

Arsenal 0-4 Everton (campbell)- 0 points [all wrong- but I get the full 5 for blind optimism]

Also, at the suggestion of Otto, correctly predicting a 0-0 draw will earn 5 points (there is no scorer to guess, so this counts as correct scorer)

The rule we've had for the previous three seasons that anyone who doesn't enter a prediction counts as 0-0s has been ABOLISHED, because it's too bloody awkward if you're updating the table.


1. Ormondroyd79418101
2. Robin7239961
3. Otto Fisch6938781
4. sprout5533470
5=. Tonto5231461
5=. Egon5238340
7. GreyDesk5134711
8. Spook14827461
9. Master B4527180
10. Owlatron1610030
11. Gedge95110


Full Houses

WEEK THREE: Tonto- Dundee Utd 0-0 Dundee

WEEK THIRTEEN: Robin- West Ham 1-1 Man Utd (van Nistelrooy)

WEEK THIRTEEN: Ormondroyd- Blackburn 0-1 Everton (Campbell)

WEEK THIRTEEN: Otto Fisch- Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham (Henry)

WEEK FOURTEEN: spook- Oldham 0-0 Cheltenham

Weekly Winners

WEEK ONE: Tonto/Otto: 7 points

WEEK TWO: Sprout/Robin: 5 points

WEEK THREE: Tonto: 7 points

WEEK FOUR: Otto Fisch: 6 points

WEEK FIVE: Robin: 8 points

WEEK SIX: Ormondroyd: 7 points

WEEK SEVEN: Robin: 9 points

WEEK EIGHT: Ormondroyd/spook: 8 points

WEEK NINE: Robin/spook: 5 points

WEEK TEN: Robin: 4 points

WEEK ELEVEN: Egon: 6 points

WEEK TWELVE: Ormondroyd: 6 points

WEEK THIRTEEN: Otto Fisch/Ormondroyd: 10 points

WEEK FOURTEEN: GreyDesk: 11 points

WEEK FIFTEEN: Sprout: 6 points

WEEK SIXTEEN: Robin: 5 points

WEEK SEVENTEEN: Ormondroyd: 8 points

People taking part in Fantasy Football IVEgonOtto FischOrmondroydMaster BTontoGedgeGreyDesksproutRobinspookOwlatron

Like football? Nip over to the Virtual Supporter's Club, which has some very useful links and information.

1a.k.a Orangefish, Santa

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