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angels and dinosaurs

Post 421


I didn't realise you were such a poet, Prof. smiley - smiley

angels and dinosaurs

Post 422


He's a poet alright. heheh.

And I just found the Prof's Beach Cafe. I am a bit slow in computerland these days, (getting slower by the day, its my age and toothless grin). smiley - rofl even though I am having a final last fling fun time with all you brilliant assorted artistes.

I think I will take my holiday in the Beach Cafe when I can.

In fact, shall we divert to there from this thread? I can only manage one thread at a time. (see above paragraph). I am scared of trolls now, but perhaps I might invent a troll eating dog that dreams of eating trolls, unless I am a troll, oh no and now I am nervous again.

I have been on the verge of talking to you guys in fact. I am glad that Dmitri encouraged me back in to say hullo and not goodbye but cheerio for a bit, in an orderly and friendly fashion.

I am planning a bit of a sabbatical in real-live hammock time, quite soon, in fact, somewhere between here and there, to consider my personal realtime life and times, so its not like goodbye, but it is a definite rest-up, but I will ease gently into my goodnight.

But for now I think I will go to the Beach Cafe to tell my Radish story to passing non-mosquitos.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 423


Going on sabbatical? We will miss you, cc, if you go. smiley - cry

You have been such a source of inspiration and enlivenment. (Is there such a word, or is it enlivening, livening-up, revitalisation, or resuscitation? smiley - erm)

If you go, we'll give you lots of smiley - hug and smiley - cuddle

angels and dinosaurs

Post 424


Thanks luvvy, and I love you guys, so I reckon that I have to just stick my feet in the sand for a while, cycle around the world a couple of times, as if haha. hmm. and then I will be back to haunt you. (and we always have Brighton for coffees, cryptic hint)

and see you in Prof's Beach Cafe. heheh. And anyway, I have to see the Astrosaur painting in the Post, so I will be lurking somwhere in the ether. heheh.

Actually, while I am here, you know I think last night I wrote my finest Fragments. smiley - rofl I had raging toothache, see, and I was totally buzzed out on painkillers which is good for writing Great Fragmented Works at 3 am, and yeeeouch I lose the tooth tomorrow. Anyway, I really have to share with you the flamboyant lady from the party.

The Party

The other day, at a party, I met a flamboyant lady who informed me that for the past five years she had been channelling wisdoms via the spirit of a seer from a long lost kingdom, known, to insiders, as IX-2, and now she was writing a book about it.

I told her that I was interested in such matters, offered her a handful of peanuts, and asked if she would tell me more.

At this point she wandered off, telling me that she had seen her Publisher on the other side of the room and she had to speak with him.

I ate several handfuls of peanuts.

He looked like a reasonable guy, the Publisher. I wondered if he was from the Kingdom of IX-2, but someone told me later that he lived in Clapham.

smiley - rofl.

I wrote another piece about radishes which lacks potential on every level, but Nowhere Sentences must have visited me at about 5.43 am.

Nowhere Sentences

I have taken to writing sentences that are going nowhere. That's not to say they have nowhere to go. On the contrary! They can go anywhere!It's just that when they get there, they have nothing to say. They seem to be at ease with this situation. Perhaps, on occasion, they might run into a crowd of sentences that are going somewhere, and they forget their words for a while, but they get over it.

smiley - coffee

angels and dinosaurs

Post 425

Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and S.S.J.A.D.D...plus...S.N.A.F.U.

you'd better not go CCsmiley - oklove

I should/will be very unhappy if you didsmiley - sadface

and now! a short hop, skip and oh bugger! I've trippedsmiley - laugh

to the beach caf'

angels and dinosaurs

Post 426


"I wondered if he was from the Kingdom of IX-2, but someone told me later that he lived in Clapham."
smiley - rofl
And there I was, thinking that Clapham was just a place where you change trains!

I take it she didn't impart any of the "wisdoms via the spirit of a seer from a long lost kingdom" ?
smiley - laugh

I don't get to go to those kind of parties.

I'm more of a smiley - coffee and smiley - cake person

angels and dinosaurs

Post 427


Me neither. I only go to those kinds of parties in my head. I am a borderline lost person. smiley - rofl. hmm. Actually, I did go to parties like that in the 70s, but I prefer to forget such experiences. smiley - rofl.

Coffee and cake smiley - coffee and smiley - cake for me please? please? please?

No, she didn't impart any wisdoms, because the painkillers wore off, and the vision faded.

I am waiting for a Writer ... a Writer .... that would be you ... hypnotise hypnotise .... to tell me what the wisdoms are.

I am having a very good sabbatical. How you noticed how absent I have been already? smiley - rofl. smiley - rofl.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 428


Wait! I have a Wisdom coming through the airwaves. IX-2. crackle crackle.

Some things are related to swans, and some things aren't. It all just depends on whether you have evolved as a species that is related to the swan, or not. Don't worry about things. It all works out in end. Donuts smiley - donut are particularly good when dunked in latte.

End of transmission.

Actually, you know what, I think I could be reaching the heights of stupidity. Heads back to Sabbatical, via Prof's Beach Cafe.

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angels and dinosaurs

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