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angels and dinosaurs

Post 1


Are we supposed to post our interpretations?

If so, the first picture is definitely an angel.

The second looks like a small dinosaur. smiley - smiley

For anyone wanting to think about the relativity of our perceptions, I recommend a session with an astronomical telescope.

What looks like a bright dot suddenly becomes a planet (Saturn is good, because of the rings.) The Moon changes from a bright disc to a planet with craters. Awe-inspiring.smiley - galaxy

angels and dinosaurs

Post 2

Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Thanks for sharing your smiley - weird and wonderful pictures with us! Always smiley - magic

angels and dinosaurs

Post 3


Hi Cactuscafe and thanks! I see a Skeksis in that daffodil:


angels and dinosaurs

Post 4


Wow!!! Angels and Dinosaurs!!! (s'cuse me, just waiting for my mentor and translator, that would be mister DG, to tease me about my exclamation marks .... !!!!!!!!!) hmm

yes yes and you folks are the best!!!!!!! for returning with your angels and dinosaurs and heavenly harkenings. Heavenly harkenings? Yes. smiley - galaxy. You are all so interesting and interactive. I love to have a virtual international coffee smiley - coffee with you all. smiley - coffeesmiley - coffee.

!!!!! (oh h2g2 there is no site like you).

I never heard of the Skeksis before, Willem. How extraordinary the similarity. And ah the galaxies, mvp. Indeed. Writings please. Telescopic writings.

Hey Elektra luvvy magicbird. smiley - magic

smiley - run So I am on the run here smiley - run. I will return at some unearthly hour on Tuesday morning to read the Post smiley - thepost in all its glory, and to leave some comments and coffeeghosts. It's a great mag to read in the middle of the night! hmm

H smiley - choc

angels and dinosaurs

Post 5

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl I cannot match the exclamation points this morning (not enough coffee yet).

Angels and dinosaurs...the gamut, here. smiley - winkeye

angels and dinosaurs

Post 6

aka Bel - A87832164

I'm *so* glad I'm not the only one who photographs a moon like that:


smiley - rofl

I had thought of a bird on the second photo, but Willem's suggestion looks very similar. smiley - magic

angels and dinosaurs

Post 7


Bel and Dmitri, is this challenge still open? I've had a few ideas for it but no time for art ... and the art I've been imagining should be quite over-the-top! Anyways I've some ideas not needing much art also. But I'm very busy right now, having finished a couple of very demanding art commissions but the most demanding one is still to come! At least it's good that quite a number of people have risen to the challenge!

angels and dinosaurs

Post 8

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - laugh You mean these *aren't* over-the-top? smiley - whistle Nobody on h2g2 is ever level-headed about *anything*....

...er, what was the question? Oh, yeah. smiley - winkeye

Of course the challenge will stay open, Willem. smiley - hug When you have time, we'd be delighted to see what you come up with. smiley - biggrin

That goes for all artists out there. And wordsmiths. And pitchmen extraordinaire.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 9


Yes!! Willem! I would love to see your artistic interpretation of the challenge!

What are pitchmen extraordinaire?

S'cuse me, I am just trying to express Bel's moon photo, which right now is sounding like a bendy light entity, with a deep low hum.

Ah potential! So much potential in the interactive creative force, is there not? Ok I won't start now, especially as I might break out in more exclamation marks - I think I want all you guys in my book.

Concerning Angels, Dinosaurs and some other Things.

laters for more smiley - thepost Post readings.


angels and dinosaurs

Post 10


I think Bel's moon photo is a newly discovered astronomical phenomenon - the white hole. Out of which strange things come - a bit like hootoo really smiley - run

If you want to see some writing to go with my comment on telescopes, there's a poem called Stargazing A38134226.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 11

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - rofl You want a pitchman extraordinaire? Take this one from the pride of Binghamton, New York, the immortal Rodman Serling:


The pitchman here is Ed Wynn, a great comic actor. The overwhelmed customer is Death himself, whom Mr Bookman, the pitchman, has to keep occupied until past midnight, so a little girl won't die...

The narrator is Serling, of course.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 12

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

I remember that poem, MVP. smiley - smiley Your character must have merely a large telescope, rather than a Very Large Telescope.


Note the quote: 'Unlike humans, these stars are born heavy and lose weight as they age.' smiley - whistle

angels and dinosaurs

Post 13

aka Bel - A87832164

Lovely poem.

I look forward to your interpretation of the challenge, Willem. take your time. smiley - ok

angels and dinosaurs

Post 14


Can I be a pigeon extraordinaire too? I hope to have something ready for this week. smiley - ok

angels and dinosaurs

Post 15

Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - applause Great. Looking forward to this.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 16


Thanks, Bel. smiley - smiley

angels and dinosaurs

Post 17

aka Bel - A87832164

smiley - cool more submissions. smiley - biggrin

angels and dinosaurs

Post 18


OK OK what's going on around 'ere then. smiley - rofl. uh oh, I think I might need a second coffee already. smiley - coffee Maybe some halva. You ever had halva for breakfast? This is an ad. Its lovely. smiley - rofl.

.... (quote mvp). whoah. shiver. poetry. magic. Stargazing. 8th July 08. love it. It takes me.

(eats halva)

hah. Now I get the pitchman extraordinaire. I love that clip. I just watched it over and over.

I am enchanted, even over breakfast, while pigeons extraordinaire flutter out from white holes in space and ... and ...

You know, I think enchantment is a curious, often elusive, and yet strangely magnetic state of mind. Related to wonder and awe, but yet somehow ... somehow ....

I will return. I hope.

smiley - rofl.

smiley - coffee.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 19


Wait! yes! yes! this could be almost-interesting smiley - rofl.

smiley - zzz what? no wait, I just had a realisation about Enchantment, and I wonder can anyone relate or illuminate.

I think what I mean by Enchantment can sometimes be a haunting feeling, almost disconcerting at times.

For example, smiley - zzz ??? hahah. For example (she goes on regardless) I remember one of the first times I encountered Enchantment. My Grandmother's stereoscope. Have you ever seen a stereoscope? Actually I just searched and there is an Entry that mentions it, but I don't know how to link to it because the pages look all different. Its really interesting.

Anyway, a stereoscope was a 3D viewer, with cardboard slides that had a double image on them, but when you looked through it, they appeared as 3D. And most of the slides were sepia tinted, although some were colour tinted. I remember one of the Grand Canyon, with some people riding white horses, and one of a table with some crystal glasses on it, and the one of the Blackbird's Nest with blue eggs, in a hedge, that was so 3D peculiar I got quite Enchanted, and it took some hours to free myself from Stereoscope Enchantment World.

Erm. Right.

angels and dinosaurs

Post 20


And then there are ferris wheels, and the faraway lights of a funfair on the horizon. That is really Enchanted. Kinda spooky in a way. I don't know why.

I keep meeting this aspect of Enchantment. Someone once gave me a copy of Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano and said so I did, and there were the lights of a distant funfair on the edge of the town, there described in all their enchanted, slightly haunted glory, and then there was another time in a film I once saw, but I can't remember what it was.

And then one time I was on this bus, and there were the lights of a distant funfair and ......

smiley - zzz s'cuse me you can wake up now because I am going away. I need insights into Enchantment though, and does anyone know what I am talking about?

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