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The authors are responding to the Post Writing Challenge of advertising the un-advertisable. As usual, they paid no attention to the instructions. (So what else is new?)

As usual, the results are gratifying. Rules be darned.

As usual, we repeat the instructions – not because anybody pays attention to them – but just as a general reference.

Write, compose, draw or even film an ad. But – and here's the kicker – it has to be something you can't BUY. Something intangible but necessary, such as peace, math ability, or a decent sense of humour. You may OFFER TO SELL this commodity, but only in an impractical way. Take your payment in smileys, hugs, or guru sweat-equity, whatever.

This author is the first to openly ADMIT to flouting the instructions.

In fact, in her official Artist's Statement (we never had one of those before), cactuscafe says: 'So here I am advertising Sensory Interpretation. Huh? Heh-heh. In so completely and pretentiously misinterpreting the Challenge, I have somehow created two pages for my book (non commercial) which is pages and pages of photos and weird writings, based on my love of graphic design, which is my on-going Life's Work.'

Let us know when that book comes out. We will even pay non-virtual cash for Quality Stuff like this.

And now…

Sensory Interpretation

So you think you're 'normal'? Do you see what others see?

How do you know, unless you learn from an expert? Hm? Ever thought about it?

Try these images on for size. If you're still coherent after that, contact the artist for further instructions (posting opportunity below, as usual).

Moon with camera shake
Flawed daffodil

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