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The forty-fifth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 04.04.11

    Bluebottle gets on his bike, Awix soars with The Eagle, Dmitri buys a new telly, and Bel offers some more Turkish Delight. And we wave farewell to Max Reduxbo.

  • 11.04.11

    Phoenician Trader visits a London institution, Vip offers a handy guide to hootoo, Prof and Bel take up the unadvertisable challenge, and Icy tests our knowledge of new English words.

  • 18.04.11

    How would YOU advertise the unadvertisable? Cactuscafe, minorvogonpoet, Prof, and Dmitri get creative. It's two-for-the-price-of-one as Awix reviews Submarine and Rubber. Meanwhile, newcomer frannie has some ramblings.

  • 25.04.11

    Phoenician Trader pays a visit to wombling country, Bel's further afield with another Turkish journal, and out in space it's the birthday of the Hubble telescope. Auburn Time Lord expresses sadness at the unexpected death of Elisabeth Sladen, and minorvogonpoet hopes that the hootoo community has some phoenix-like qualities.

  • 02.05.11

    A birthday issue showcasing some wonderful articles celebrating previous anniversaries. The Royal Wedding in the UK is marked with some meaningful musings on marriage. There's a wealth of witterings on the weird and wonderful world of work, and a cornucopia of contributions on the colourful and complex cosmos.

  • 09.05.11

    A whistle-stop world tour: Bel has a magic carpet ride in Turkey, Rod steams ahead in Waipara, Phoenician Trader sips cocktails in Chester, and Bertie and the Beast STILL don't belong to Glasgae.

  • 16.05.11

    Bel is effusive about Ephesus (and effluent), Awix tries to empathise with the hoodies in Attack the Block, three stalwarts invent acrostics for Pollen, and Dmitri amuses himself while the rest of the editorial team have swanned off to some do or other in London.

  • 23.05.11

    Gnomon and Bel give their versions of the goings-on at the London Meet, and Happy Nerd reminds us that it's Towel Day very soon! Willem introduces the rare Brown Hyena, and cactuscafe makes notes. Lots of notes.

  • 30.05.11

    Journeys is the acrostic, appropriately, as Phoenician Trader enjoys some nice jazz in Nice, Rod is up the River Murray (no paddles required), and frannie pens some poignant verse set in London's Underground.

  • 06.06.11

    Happy Nerd launches a new competition, Saving the Best for Last, to encourage researchers to submit something different! Awix reviews X-Men: First Class, and Galaxy Babe is delighted that the world didn't end on 21 May, as we get to see some fabulous picutres from the skies and beyond.

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