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We've gone all literary with this week's hidden word puzzle. It's a bit more complicated than usual, so pay attention.


This time, there are two lists. In the first, you need to spot the titles of classic novels and in the second list the surnames of their authors. In each case these are hidden within the titles of h2g2 Edited Guide Entries.

The length of the hidden title/author is shown in brackets, so, for example, if an entry in the first list was...

Music Sharing and Its Impact on the Industry (9)

...then the hidden novel would be "Hard Times". The letters appear in order within the title:

music sHARing anD iTs IMpact on thE induStry

This novel's author would appear somewhere in in the second list; for example it could be in the entry:

Bodyline - When Cricket Divided Nations (7)

...which contains the author (Charles) "Dickens":

boDylIne - when CricKEt divided NationS

Before You Start

There are 20 novels and associated authors to find. Some novel titles contain more than one word. I've ignored spaces, capitalisation and punctuation. Finally, the lists are scrambled, so N1 isn't necessarily the novel written by author A1.

Good luck!


N117th Century Military Flags(8)
N2Alternative Pest Control for the Garden(10)
N3Amateur Voice Acting(7)
N4Donald Campbell and 'Bluebird'(8)
N5Jackson, Mississippi, USA(5)
N6Jamestown Ferry(5)
N7Japanese History and Culture(8)
N8Plastic Food Wrap(5)
N9Positioning the Bridge on a Mandolin(9)
N10Rock Climbing(3)
N11Roman Construction Methods: The Arch(8)
N12Selecting and Training a Budgie(7)
N13Single Line Kites: Essential Equipment.(9)
N14Ten Minute Meals(4)
N15The Quadratic Formula(7)
N16The Trouts - the Worst Band in Britain(9)
N17Thomas Jefferson - The Sage of Monticello(8)
N18Thorley Taverns - A Brief History(8)
N19Wandering Noon(4)
N20Wave-Particle Duality(8)


A1Alfred Nobel - Chemist, Inventor, and Engineer(7)
A2Big Country - the Band(6)
A3Dusty Springfield - Singer(8)
A4Florence Foster Jenkins - Vocalist Extraordinaire(8)
A5How to Make Lipgloss(5)
A6How to Walk Silently(7)
A7Humboldt State University Marching Lumberjacks(9)
A8Josef Locke - Irish Tenor(7)
A9Kraftwerk - the Band(5)
A10Luck - an Overview of a Very Human Concept(7)
A11Musical Counterpoint(6)
A12Picking People up using Trees(7)
A13Status Quo - the Band(6)
A15Swimming Pool Lifeguards (5)
A16The Barn Owl in the UK(6)
A17The Lives of Stars(5)
A18The Toronto Stork Derby(6)
A20Walpurgis Night(5)

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