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Plastic Food Wrap

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Marketed for use in food wrapping, this thin plastic sheeting is actually designed to screw itself up into a ball as fast as possible following removal from its roll.

This is a cunning ploy, as to cover any dish or to wrap sandwiches, you have to use considerably more food wrap than the surface area of your item would suggest. Sales of the product have been increased perhaps two or threefold due to this property.

Demand has been further enhanced because of the difficulty of tearing off sheets from the roll. The plastic, toothed strip usually supplied for this purpose is ineffective against the film itself, but remarkably good at scraping knuckles. The usual result of attempting to use the toothed strip is a sheet of food wrap half the size or twice the size you wanted with a large hole in the middle.

As you reach for the first aid box to bind up your wounded hands, this sheet will screw itself up into a ball, true to form, requiring you to begin again. The use of food wrap is only recommended for those of an extremely patient temperament with several days to spare. Many people find plastic boxes and sandwich shops more agreeable alternatives.

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