FANTASY FOOTBALL - Season 15 - "The Final Run In"

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smiley - runsmiley - footballHello , and welcome Season 15 of the h2g2 Fantasy Football League smiley - runsmiley - football

This is the fifteenth time that we've been round the block to come up with a fantasy football competition for your enjoyment. Fifteen times I say. Fifteen! That shows some dedication from your management team, both past and present. smiley - biggrin

Kick off for this season looks like it's going to be the FA Cup third round, played over the weekend of the 7th January. The season will last for as many weeks as there are until the end of the Premiership (mid-season breaks not withstanding). And prizes will be awarded after that smiley - smiley

If you're not sure of the rules; or if you're totally new here, and hence don't know the rules. Then scroll on down the page, and all will be revealed.

Final League Table (Week Eighteen):

RankResearcherTotal PointsResult W/L/DCorrect Score BonusScorer1st Scorer Bonus
5.Colonel creachy111807168
5.Demon Drawer111788196
10.Master B9536261710
11.McKay The Disorganised9046210126
12.The Nitpicker565384122
15.Number Six52111



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League Homepage

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The Usual Rules & Regulations Gubbins

1) Structure

The League Management7 will start a new thread each weekend during the season listing (approximately) five games being played the following weekend.

2) How to play

As a player you use your knowledge, skill, guile and if you've any sense what so ever the great source of information that is soccerbase to predict:

  1. The match score
  2. The name of a player that you think will score in the match

Then post your answers to the appropriate thread8.

3) Points scoring

This is exactly the same as it has been for the last four or five seasons. But for the benefit of any new players that we've attracted, I'll repeat them once again.

  • Two points for the correct result - win, lose or draw
  • One bonus point for the correct score line
  • One point if the selected scorer scores at any time during the game
  • One bonus point if the selected scorer scores the first goal in the game

These then get totted up and tabulated in the Fantasy Football League Table above.

4) Pools Panel

For this season we see the return of the Pools Panel. This is a method of allocating scoring points to players who, for what ever reason, are not able to make a prediction for themselves.

5) What do I win? smiley - bigeyes

For starters you'll recieve the respect, and in some cases envy, of your peers. But the main prize is a totally genuine and officially BBCi logoed... h2g2 mousemat ... awarded to the season winner smiley - wowsmiley - biggrin

In addition to the main prize there is another prize of an official h2g2 pin badge that will be awarded to the player who makes the most outrageous winning prediction, or posts the funniest comments, or does whatever it is that impresses me the most during the course of the season. Yes, the criteria is totally subjective, I know. I don't care, it's my competition and I'll run it however I want smiley - tongueout

1Total includes 4 points awarded by the Pools Panel Committee.2Total includes 8 points awarded by the Pools Panel Committee.3Total includes 4 points awarded by the Pools Panel Committee.4Total includes 4 points awarded by the Pools Panel Committee.5Total includes 1 point awarded by the Pools Panel Committee.6Total includes 4 points awarded by the Pools Panel Committee.7i.e. mesmiley - smiley8Note - all selections are final. So if you post it, you've got to stick with it!

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