The College of Magic and Psychic Powers

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Welcome to the College of Magic and Psychic Powers!

Hello and welcome to the college of Magic and Psychic Powers! (commonly known as CO-MAPP) My name is Wargamer, I'm the Bursar. I'm afraid the Archchancellor is busy eating chocolate buscuits, and so cannot be disturbed. Now, let me introduce you to CO-MAPP...


Below is a list of positions available within the College. You may apply for any available position, and may also retire whenever you wish. Positions that can only be held by one person at a time are underlined. The name of anyone holding this position is given in italics.
Archchancellor (Arch):No Qualifications needed, though there'll only ever be one. Tal'set.
Chancellor of Magic (CoM): Must have Magical Powers, and have a good knowledge of Magic in general. White Wizard
Chancellor of Psycic Power (CoPP): Must have Psychic Powers, and have a good knowledge of Psychic abilities.
Chancellor of Psionics (CoPsi): Must have Psionic powers, and a good knowledge of Psionics. MadHank.
Bursar (Brs): Must be able to add up, manage files, and survive the odd rampaging dragon... Wargamer.
Chief Librarian (c.Lib): Must have a good control of Magic, as the Books have a life of their own... White Wizard.
Chief Gardenor (c.Gdn): Must be able to cope with the Gardens. Dragonslaying experience appreciated. Mystrunner.
Student Councellor (Csl): Must have a kind, caring attidude, and not mind telling people they're all nuts. smiley - winkeye. Michele.
Seer (Sr): Must be able to communicate with Spirits, Specters and other ethereal creatures. Speckly.
Scientist (Sce): Must have some skill in alchemy, and preferably be fireproof. Galen.
Librarian (Lib): Must be able to sort things alphabetically, and run for their lives when neccessary.
Chef (Chf): Must be able to cook. Arwen.
Barman (Bar): Must be able to give beer to other people. No easy task... Sir Mort
Groundskeeper: (Gdk) Must be able to deal with the countless nasties that dwell in the College. There's no such thing as a second-rate Groundskeeper round here... Wargamer.
Gardenor: (Gdn) Gardenors assist the Chief Gardenor in the day to day war against the grounds of CO-MAPP.

The College

Want a book? Then goto the Library! Be warned though, not all the books are friendly...

Need an odd job done? Anything from moving furniture to sinking cities, the Bursary can help. Drop in any time!

If you need somewhere to relax, try the Common Room, where we will be holding discussions about CO-MAPP events.

Want a nice, relaxing walk in nature? Then the Gardens are definately not for you...

Need a drink? Who doesn't! Head down to The Bar for your favourite poiso-erm... drink.

Want to know what the future holds? Need to talk to the dead? Or do you just want to know what's been eating your socks? The Seer Caves hold the answers!

Fancy a snack? You could do worse than heading to The Kitchen.

If a film is what your after, then take a look in The Theatre. Just watch for the popcorn, it tends to bite back...

The Faculty

Tal'Set: Archchancellor (Mage).
Wargamer: Bursar (non-mage, non-psyker, just damn lucky! smiley - winkeye).
White Wizard: Chief Librarian and Chancellor of Magic (Wizard).
Snake: CO-MAPP Student (Mage and Minor Psyker).
Galen: CO-MAPP Scientist and psychic sheep (Minor Psyker).
Dragon: CO-MAPP Student (Mage and Psyker).
Michele: Student Councellor of CO-MAPP (Earth Mage and Psychic cook)
Purple Moose: CO-MAPP Student (Tzeenchian Sorceror).
Dragon_21uk: CO-MAPP Student (Mage and Psyker).
Purple Wizard of Space And Time: CO-MAPP Student (Mage with Temporal Powers).
Drakonious: CO-MAPP Student (Powers unknown).
Sir Mort: CO-MAPP's Barman (Psychic, involves hourglasses).
Mystrunner: CO-MAPP Gardenor (Psionic, Telekenisis and Space-Time Manipulation).
Arwen: CO-MAPP Chef (Powers unknown).
Serephina: CO-MAPP Student of Witchcraft.
Speckly: CO-MAPP Seer and Psychic Fish (Powers unknown).
MadHank: CO-MAPP Chancelor of Psionics (Psionic, Powers unknown).

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