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AGG/GAG is always looking for fresh blood.
If you would like to join us in discovering the lost sheep entries and unfinished articles scattered throughout the h2g2 galaxy then please do so. You probably have come across interesting but abandoned entries while clicking round the site. If you know of any we should feature here, please contact us .

This week: Bossel strikes paydirt!

Our intrepid scout finds three gems in three remote locations, far from the Edited Guidelines.
A veritable hat-trick that has everyone at AGG/GAG cheering. First an improbable scientific theory, then a helpful guide to foolishness and finally a personal anecdote about Hollywood's portrayal of the noble ninja.

The Chicken Theory by Byzantine

Here is some fun, from a very early entry back in July of '99 by a Texan PhD student who surely must have graduated by now. Byzantine has not posted since Nov 2000, so perhaps he was seconded by the George W Bush election team. In spite of a few typos - and a couple of bad-habit spelling errors and a dense formatting of the text (all of which someone could fix if they wanted to) - this article has all the Wit and Wisdom of the kind of academic send-up fun that marks what we think is the true meaning of Liff, Unis and Allsorts. This is true Alternate Guide material.

Scouted by Bossel and Reviewed by ~jwf~

How To Be A Fool by Cafram

The world is full of people who just do things. Well. The world is full of people who do things others wish they wouldn't. Well? And then there are those folks who don't do much of anything either way, who go about letting the rest of us know what we are missing or telling us how to do something we either already know how to do or we haven't thought about doing or we have always thought it would be nice to read an article about how to do it or buy a book and do the same, but we have absolutely no intention of doing anything remotely like that. Cafram has arranged for you and us to take a little journey into the realm of possibility, of potential, of 'Watch it, if you do it long enough, you'll stay like that. Don't say I didn't warn you!', without any hope of return.
Are you brave enough to enter the Cafram zone?

Scouted by Bossel and Reviewed by tonsil revenge

The Invisible Ningi by The Prophet

This is the kind of thing you won't find in the Edited Guide that makes you feel sad for the Edited Guide. An entry about an important term coined by the author's mother. Inspired by silly characters in a James Bond movie, the idea applies to many silly characters in many movies. Upon learning it, you will wonder how you ever got along without knowing...'the Invisibile Ningi'.
And if you're really into martial arts you'll find The Prophet has several more serious entries at his Personal Space.
Scouted by Bossel and Reviewed by =X Subcom.Deidzoeb

We'll continue scouting the Guide for the good stuff and bring you more AGG/GAG approved entries in each issue of the h2g2POST.

Your submissions and recommendations are essential to our survival. If you know of an article that deserves more publicity but doesn't meet the Edited Guide Rules and Regs, please let us know. We don't endorse breaking the laws of plagiarism, defamation or obscenity, so really, the only criteria are Wit and Wisdom. Feel free to submit your own. Just post a link on our homepage: AGG/GAG
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