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Please note that the Community, and Guru Reports aren't complete yet, although the Scout Report is now ready.

The h2g2 Reports

Investigating h2g2

The h2g2 Reports are a set of investigative reports into various aspects of h2g2, designed to give a balanced view of that aspect, and suggesting improvements. The Reports are expected to be updated regularly, when it is felt that enough has changed. However, for the sake of posterity, and in order to keep a record of what has changed, each revision will be self-contained. The purpose of the reports is quite simply to remove some of the mystery surrounding some elements of h2g2, and to help the Researcher understand a little more of what happens 'behind the scenes'. We've also arranged to be featured in the Post - a Report a fortnight for the next couple of months.

The Team

So, who are the h2g2 Reports Team? Well, that's a short enough question, but the answer is huge. These are the team members:

  • U177581 is a Sub-editor, Ace, Guru and Scout who has been around in his current form since a month or two after the BBC takeover. He has sub-edited many Entries, but does not often write his own for the Edited Guide. Originally from Warwickshire is a student in Oxfordshire, England. Since he is the Keeper of Cake, his favourite smiley is smiley - cake. Oh, and he's the Reports Editor. That doesn't make him more important than anyone else here, but he's the only one who has editing privileges.

  • U176920 is an author who does not form part of an official h2g2 volunteer scheme. She is a member of the Musicians' Guild and writes mainly on the subject of music. Previous Edited Entries written by Catwoman include 'How to Fail as a Pop Group' and 'Furball - The Band'. She is a teacher in Devon, England. Her favourite smiley is, understandably, smiley - cat

  • U126945 is a Guardian Angel, Guru and Scout who has been around for a while. He doesn't appear to have a favourite smiley, but is an advocate of Classic Goo. He also likes to make 'table art' for h2g2...

  • U185777 is an account created by Whoami? to 'spy' on how the process was working. As you might well expect, his favourite smiley is also smiley - cake

  • U94986 is an Ace and a Guru. She plays an active role in the h2g2 community in general, as well as regularly posting to the Aceforum. Mina has also been involved with several University Projects, including 'Paris' and 'Wildlife Gardening'. She is an advocate of the Classic Goo skin, and has been around long enough to have a 5-digit user ID number.

  • U115425 is an experienced ACE who has been around for quite a while. He likes to pop in on Peer Review, and seems to spend a considerable amount of time doing the Ace thing.

  • U132240 is one of the most experienced, and probably the most active and efficient Scouts at the present time. Bossel lives in Munich, and is a member of the A431911.

  • U33262 is a very experienced Sub-Editor, and is an Englishman living in Canada. He has worked on a vast variety of articles, and is a supporter of the Classic Goo skin, although he provides a version of his Personal Space for Alabaster as well.

  • U173998 is a hard-working author who has endured the PR process, and due to a few things that happened to him along the way with a recent article, he has become of even greater value to the Reports. He's also a Guru, Ace and a quarter Polish. He is an avid Classic Goo supporter, and the colurful Personal Space he runs reflects that. Also a member of the A431911, Old Uncle Zarniwoop also has a link to Whoami? on his Space, calling him 'a truly magnificent human being'. Sorry, I just had to mention it.

  • U168284 is Minister of Defence for the Thingites, who want to rename Thursday 'Thing', and lives in Torbay, Devon. Parrferris claims to have 'the cheerful optimism of Marvin'. The Keeper of Badgers is also a fan of Doctor Who, and a supporter of the Classic Goo skin. He was also unfortunate enough to join h2g2 just as it shut down for the BBC takeover.

  • U180644 is an exprienced Researcher, although, as his Researcher number suggests, hasn't actually been signed up as long as most of the team. He is, however really active, and is involved in loads of Conversations. An official Scout, Whisky has also written a lot of material for the Edited Guide, including well-produced entries on A632107 and A599790. He prefers Classic Goo, and is a Brit living in France.

  • U172739 is an expert at all things Edited Guide. Part of the A423046, Azara's interests include opera and gardening. First meeting Whoami? when he subbed the excellent A588233 Entry, Azara was recently awarded a tabled 'unofficial scout' badge as a thankyou for her efforts in the Review system. Azara has written loads for the Edited Guide, and is just a really great person, living in County Wicklow, Ireland.

  • U175854 is an ACE from Oxfordshire, and has loads of major claims to h2g2 fame. Firstly, she won the 3rd Annual h2g2 Bikini Competition. Secondly, she is Senior Lecturer at the h2g2 Typloytechnic, home of alternative typology, and therefore holds the title DrAT (Hons). As if that wasn't enough already, she is Vice Minister for Purple, at A503632, and a fully paid-up member of A431911. On board the Blood of the Zaphodistas, she runs The Lighthouse Bar, and is the Muse of Giggles and Untied Shoelaces. Oh, and she's really nice, too.

  • U173978 is a serious h2g2 addict. Describing herself as 'so far off on a tangent, she doesn't hit the circle', Witty Ditty is a medical student, inventor of WD-42, Muse of Wimbledon (SW19), and is the Minister for Frontier Psychiatry. A prolific Author for the Edited Guide, and frequent Peer Review participant, Witty Ditty has written all kinds of entry, from A641206 to A659874. Oh, and she's really nice, as well.

  • U55226 is a long-standing h2g2 Researcher, though not an official volunteer. This means that Tube has more time for attending meetups, writing Journals, being a big fan of the Classic Goo skin, and so on. Tube is an h2g2 Superhero and uses the Opera Web Browser. As well as all that, Tube is involved with the work of the Small But Vocal Minority.

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