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Hello. I'm Catwoman. Nice to meet you. It's not my real name, you understand, it is merely a pseudonym behind which I may hide.
Why hide? A good question to which there is no acceptable answer.
Why Catwoman? There is an answer. It is an answer that is almost, if not quite entirely uninteresting. I teach. Children, that is. My initials are CW. One child of mine (professionally speaking) has decided that the letters stand for 'Catwoman'. He is, of course wrong, and jolly well knows it. But, it has stuck.

Oddly enough there is also a song by one of my favourite bands The Wedding Present called Catwoman. This is, however, merely a coincidence.

A Bit About the Cat(woman)

As previously mentioned (wake up, you at the back) I teach children. Specifically I teach 10 and 11 year-olds at a small primary school in Devon, England. And before you ask which subject, all of them: English, Maths (sorry - Literacy and Numeracy), Science, Music, ICT, etc., etc.
No matter how many times I hear it said in jest, I loathe the saying 'Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.' for fairly obvious reasons.

The symbol and figure of pi

I am a vegetarian and have been for 13 years or so. My principal reason being that I don't want to eat anything that used to walk around a field. This obviously also applies to flying, swimming and being in places other than a field. Chicken was always the worst - too easily identifiable as something my Grandad used to keep.


In a previous life I was a musician. Well, a drummer anyway. I played in numerous bands in Manchester (where I lived at the time) before joining a semi-professional group Kerosene in 1994. This lead to my membership of two other bands Slouch and Furball. Nowadays I only play my drum kit for the children at school, though I am learning guitar (the 6-string, electric variety).

Rock'n'Roll I grew up listening to my Dad's Beatles collection, which he has since 'given' me as a sort of advance inheritance. I was caught by the pop music bug in the early 1980s. My best friend at the time (Lee Shrimpton, was his name) came into school singing 'A new royal family, A wild nobility, We are the family.' (There is a prize for the first person to correctly identify the song - come on, it's easy!) and I was hooked. I am never without a song in my heart/head/car.

I have recently been awarded the title of: Keeper of Irrelevant Music Trivia. Hurrah!

I have joined MuG - the h2g2 Musicians Guild. Note to self: This paragraph is too short. Must add more.

My Favourite Music

Here are my all-time top 10 albums. At the moment. Subject to change at any time. In no particular order.

My Most Recent Purchases

Obviously, this will be updated on an 'as-and-when' basis.
  • New Order - Get Ready
  • EMF - Best of...
  • Frank Black - Teenager of the Year

Current Favourite(s)

Obviously, this will be updated on an 'as-and-when' basis.
  • The Beatles - Abbey Road, Anthology 2
  • EMF - Stigma

Science Fiction

At the age of six my Dad (yes, him again) took me to see Star Wars. In 1997 I took him to see the Special Edition for his birthday. We loved it then and we still love it now. Our favourite bit? You know - where the Rebel Blockade Runner comes flying over the top of the screen chased by the Imperial Cruiser.

Books I also got my love of written sci-fi from my Dad. He had a few Isaac Asimov books that I picked up. Since then I've read around 70 of his books along with hundreds by other authors that got picked up along the way - John Wyndham, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Arthur C. Clarke, Ian Fleming (not sci-fi, I know) and of course, Douglas Adams.

Food and Cooking

I've mentioned my Dad twice so now it's Mother's turn - she is without doubt, one of the finest cooks on Earth. I know everyone says that about their Mum but in my case it really is true. She slavishly produced vegetarian meals for me when I turned into an awkward sod (still living at home at the time).

I like to think I've inherited some of her talent in the kitchen, well at least, I enjoy cooking - mostly Italian stuff - pizzas (including the base), pasta, risotto, as well as the occasional vegetable extravaganza. Basically it's because I like eating that leads me to enjoy cooking - anything that's meat-free and has some variety to it, but the greatest food of all time is ... ice cream. You can't beat a decent vanilla. None of this fancy fruity/chocolatey stuff for me.


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