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Hiking Through H2G2H2G2 is a growing community, with more and more people spending time in more and more places on the Guide. In the rush to find the new, exciting places on the Guide, sometimes the older clubs and places to hang out are neglected.

Sadly, sometimes these once-popular parts of the Guide are even abandoned, sometimes when the person who created that part of the Guide has since left, and sometimes simply through a lack of continued interest.

This, then, is a fresh look at some of these all-but forgotten corners of H2G2 that have not been visited for too long.


The first place we are visiting is HRASC - the home of H2G2 Researchers Against Swimming Costumes - which was created by TechnicolorYawn back in December 1999. Now you may wonder exactly why H2G2 researchers would be against Swimming Costumes, but luckily Bluebottle was there when TechnicolorYawn formed it.

At the time, Bluebottle and TechnicolorYawn were having a discussion on the Beach about the nature of Shark attacks, when it was agreed that over 99% of Shark attacks occur when the victim is wearing a swimming costume. Therefore, wearing swimming costumes attract sharks and cause shark attacks.

TechnicolorYawn then formed a society dedicated to prevent H2G2 Researchers from wearing Swimming Costumes in order to prevent shark attacks on H2G2, and the H2G2 Waterworks, including the Beach and Swimming Pool soon became HRASC compliant. The original page, back in the pre-BBC days when any pictures were allowed in normal articles, was awash with pictures showing the gruesome detail of shark attacks, what sharks look like as this was before the shark smiley smiley - shark, as well as what swimming costumes and the alternative, being naked, were. As such, it was one of the funniest pages on h2g2 I have seen, and soon attracted quite a cult following. Sadly, since TechnicolorYawn has left h2g2, HRASC has since been abandoned, and without the graphics, does not have the same effect.

However, it is perhaps fitting that its legacy does continue. All of the H2G2 Waterworks still strictly follows the HRASC code, as does the annual H2G2 Bikini Competition1.

A dragon on an inkpot

The next place we are going to visit is Damogran, the home of the Court Of Queen BluDragon. This was created by BluDragon as essentially her royal court.

Just a look at the links to the various conversations that once took place at the Court of Queen BluDragon shows how popular this venue once was, without doubt one of the busiest on H2G2.

A lot of care and attention went into the page, as the fictional realm of Damogran had its own National Anthem, Flag, Map, Guide Book, Royal Court, History and animal life forms, including the unforgettable seal Sealia, "The Queen's Royal Seal".

The main trouble, of course, with pages based around one person occurs when that person no longer visits H2G2, either as often, or as the case with our friend BluDragon, not at all. Sadly, since she left, the once-vibrant and active Court of BluDragon has been without a focus, and has become abandoned.

Yet although these parts of H2G2, of which I have mentioned only 2 of the perhaps hundreds that exist on H2G2, are no longer busy with people, they are not forgotten. If you know of anywhere on H2G2 that you feel has sadly been abandoned and needs people to go back, take another look and make that place happening again, tell us here so that we can try to bring back once-loved parts of the Guide back to life.

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1Despite the contradiction - to find out how, then look out for this year's 4th Annual Bikini Competition!

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