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Hiking Through H2G2

This week we are going to look at the phenomenon that are Regional Researcher Groups, and to do this, we will start by examining the latest; the Wessex Researcher Group.

The Isle of Wight

So, what are Regional Researcher Groups, and why have they been formed? As the Wessex Researcher Group itself has said:

Although it is fascinating to meet people from across the world on H2G2, and learn more about different countries and their different approaches to life, the Universe and Everything, it is also equally enjoyable to talk to people who know, say, where your home town is, and what is in it. People who have lived in the same towns, drank at the same pub, and got bullied at the same school as you.

At the moment, there are 19 Regional Researcher Groups, a full list can be found via the Post's pages. They cover Australia, America, South Africa, Germany, France, The Netherlands as well as a few in the United Kingdom. The Wessex Researcher Group is the newest, and was formed by Bluebottle.

Regional Researchers Groups not only provide a place for people from the same area to talk about what matters to them about the area they live in, but can do much more. For those of us who are not satisfied with just talking on line, Regional Researcher Groups offer an extra option; organising Real Life Meet-ups.

Although none have been organised by the Wessex Researcher Group itself yet, there are 2 proposed meet-ups in the area this summer, which everyone is welcome to! If you are interested in attending, please see:

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