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This page contains the archive for all the items written by Pseudemys which have appeared in The Post.

Date Subject
10.07.00 Beautiful Holland
17.07.00 A Drinking Weekend in Holland
31.07.00 Coast to Icy Coast
07.08.00 The Wine Valleys of Germany
14.08.00 Lemmings at Sea, May 1997
21.08.00 Akoslompolo, May 1998
04.09.00 A Letter from Luxembourg, August 1998
11.09.00 Photos of Utrecht 1998-1999
18.09.00 A Letter from the Loire, May 1999
25.09.00 Chasing the Moon: Eclipse 1999
09.10.00 Venlo Carnaval, March 2000
23.10.00 A Letter from Barcelona, September 1999
30.10.00 Almere Sand Sculptures
15.01.01 A Letter from Berlin
25.10.01 A Letter from the St Lawrence River
01.11.01 A Letter from Italy
07.03.02 A Drinking Weekend in Brussels, Belgium
14.03.02 A Trip to the Beach Zaandfoort/Rotterdam/Arnhem, Holland
21.03.02 A Letter from Macedonia Greece, September 2001
28.03.02 Bol d'Or 2001 Magny Cours/Pouilly sur Loire, France, September 2001
04.04.02 A Day at the Efteling Holland, October 2001
11.04.02 A Letter from Mallorca Spain, October 2001
20.06.02 A Letter From Malta
26.06.03 A Letter From the Australian Capital Territory
24.07.03 A Letter from 10,000 Feet
04.09.03 Benighted in the Kanangra-Boyd
11.09.03 A Letter from Eden
27.11.03 A Letter from Phillip Island - Part One
04.12.03 A Letter from Phillip Island - Part Two
22.07.04 A Letter from the Mungo Desert - Part One
29.07.04 A Letter from the Mungo Desert - Part Two
05.08.04 Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge
19.08.04 A Letter From Narooma: Part One
26.08.04 A Letter From Narooma: Part Two
16.12.04 A Letter From Tasmania: Part One
06.01.05 A Letter From Tasmania: Part Two
13.01.05 A Letter From Dublin
20.01.05 A Letter From Singapore
07.04.05 A Letter from Shanghai: Part One
14.04.05 A Letter from Shanghai: Part Two
26.05.05 The Awesome Foursome: Nevis High Wire Bungy
02.06.05 The Awesome Foursome: Jet Boat, Helicopter and White Water Raft
09.06.05 A Letter from Lake Wakatipu Part 1
24.11.05 A Letter from Lake Wakatipu Part 2
26.01.06 A Letter from Rotorua Part 1
09.02.06 A Letter from Rotorua Part 2
23.02.06 A Letter from Rotorua Part 3
09.03.06 Dawn from Mt Kosciuzco
23.03.06 Collector Pumpkin Festival
06.04.06 A Letter from the Franz Josef Glacier Part One
20.04.06 A Letter from the Franz Josef Glacier Part Two
18.05.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 1
01.06.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 2
29.06.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 3
13.07.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 4
27.07.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 5
07.09.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 6
21.09.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 7
21.09.06 A Letter from Samoa Part One
05.10.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 8
05.10.06 A Letter from Samoa Part Two
16.11.06 A Letter from Samoa Part Three
16.11.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 9
30.11.06 A Letter from Samoa Part Four
30.11.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 10
07.12.06 A Letter From Tonga Part One
21.12.06 A Letter From Tonga Part Two
21.12.06 Bluewater Cruising Part 11
11.01.07 Bluewater Cruising Part 12
25.01.07 Bluewater Cruising Part 13
17.01.08 Bluewater Cruising Part 14
17.01.08 Skating the Rideau Canal
31.01.08 Bluewater Cruising Part 15
08.05.08 Bluewater Cruising Part 16
22.05.08 A Letter From Kakadu Part One
22.05.08 Bluewater Cruising Part 17
05.06.08 A Letter From Kakadu Part Two
05.06.08 Bluewater Cruising Part 18
19.06.08 A Letter From Margaret River Part One
19.06.08 Bluewater Cruising Part 19
03.07.08 A Letter From Margaret River Part Two
03.07.08 Bluewater Cruising Part 20
11.09.08 A Letter from Manhattan
04.12.08 Up, Up And Away

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