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With the recent passing of a comedy great, the CAC Continuum presents a mixed and varied conflaguration of composite humour in many shapes and forms. Some of it is tittersome, some of it may make you guffaw. Some is not really funny at all, but may make you think. But none of it is on a par to Ronnie Barker, so don't go complaining if it doesn't make your incontinent uncle wet himself.

Let's start with the best. Toilet humour. Easy now, tiger, don't drink your tea as you read:

A6072527 by U723247

smiley - planet

Comedy and humour inevitably has to be written down. Some writers do it well, some do it brilliantly. Most of them are from England. Why? No idea:

A6072464 by U183832

smiley - book

'ello, ello, ello, what's all this then?' Something funny perhaps officer?

A6072770 by U1281296

smiley - tomato

What makes funny funny? I'm not too sure. But the jokes made us giggle:

A6072536 by U97404

smiley - ufo

Comedy is hit or miss. We weren't sure, but the title really drew us in. See what you make of:

A6073094 by U171738

smiley - disco

Finally, for those of you that may be reading this while sitting at your desks trying to work:

A6073021 by U197424

smiley - tennisball

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This week's CAC Continuum was heckled and laughed at by MJ

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