The h2g2 Photographers' Newsletter: August 09

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Fallen flower

Fallen Flower

This month's Photo of the Month is the beautiful 'Fallen Flower', submitted by Scrumph. Congratulations!

Watch a Showcase of the winning Photos!

This month has been an incredibly good one for the Photographers. With Tav back at the helm and with Rich and Aurora having joined her as group moderators, there was a rush of new energy, and the group hadn't been as busy in a long time.

Rich suggested we run a 'Photo of the Month' competition within the group, and the winner is Scrumph's 'Fallen Flower', shown above. We'll be running PotM every month from now on, and the competition is open to all participating Photographers members. If you'd like to join us, details of the group are at the bottom of this column.

Well done to everyone who has had a photo applied to an Edited Guide Entry this month, particularly to AlexAshman who has had three photos accepted in his first month as a member. Here are the winning photos:

Pic by B'Elana.A fresh cup of really hot tea

Taken by: B'Elana

Entry: Ways of Making a Good Cup of Tea
Pic by Bob Stafford.Bare Branches

Taken by: Bob Stafford

Entry: The Tree and its Uses
Pic by Rich.Spuds

Taken by: Rich

Entry: Potatoes
Pic by Rich.Queue of Backpacks

Taken by: Rich

Entry: Backpackers
Pic by Alex.Patience

Taken by: Alex 'Tufty' Ashman

Entry: Card Games
Pic by Bob Stafford.Doors

Taken by: Bob Stafford

Entry: Doors
Pic by Rich.Notes in Spanish

Taken by: Rich

Entry: Learning Languages
Pic by Aurora.Skipping the Queue

Taken by: Aurora

Entry: Commuting by Bicycle in the UK
Pic by B'Elana.Bipedal

Taken by: B'Elana

Entry: Human Beings
Pic by Radox The Green.Salt 'n' Shake

Taken by: Radox The Green

Entry: Smiths Salt 'n' Shake Crisps
Pic by Elentari.Big Toe

Taken by: Elentari

Entry: Toenails
Pic by Mazin'MadFiddler.Air Plants

Taken by: Mazin'MadFiddler

Entry: Air Plants
Pic by Alex.Stern Blencathra's perilous height

Taken by: Alex 'Tufty' Ashman

Entry: Blencathra
Pic by Alex.Footpath by the Leat

Taken by: Alex 'Tufty' Ashman

Entry: Devonport Leat, Devon, UK
Pic by Rich.Squirrel Shelter

Taken by: Rich

Entry: Building a Debris Shelter in the Style of a Squirrel
Pic by Rich.Otter

Taken by: Rich

Entry: British Mammals - Carnivores

If you've been inspired by the photographs above, why not join the h2g2 Photographers? We run a friendly email group for anyone interested in having their photographs added to h2g2 Entries, and all photographers are welcome. Just visit the Yahoo group or apply at the h2g2 Photographers page.

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