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The thirty-seventh page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 09.07.09

    It's animal magic this edition! Icy North describes Hickstead Derby Day, Websailor discusses birds of prey, Beatrice doubles her dog-walking fun, and there's another glorious wildlife picture from Marauding Pillowcase. In London, it's Wimbledon season, and Galaxy Babe composes a special poem, whilst over in Germany B'Elana slips into mediaeval robes. Nigel looks at the benefits that copper can bring to your garden, and Smudger gets distracted. The final challenge is issued to the remaining Stretcher contenders.

  • 23.07.09

    Before the team shut up shop for the summer, the final Stretcher entries are joined by attempts on the challenge from Icy North, pailaway, Opticalillusion, Galaxy Babe and minorvogonpoet. AlexAshman summarises the various debates and discussions that have been taking place concerning how h2g2 could be improved. Meanwhile h5ringer looks forward to the upcoming series of Promenade concerts in London, Frenchbean reports on an earthquake in New Zealand, and dmitri and elektra take it slow in Ireland. TonsilRevenge is in Cravatia, apparently.

  • 06.08.09

    The team select some of their favourites from previous issues.

  • 20.08.09

    The MOT of h2g2 inspires the team to compile a set of articles past and present on what the site is, does, and means.

  • 03.09.09

    The last of the summer specials for 2009, and the last chance to vote for the Stretcher!

  • 17.09.09

    After running for most of the year, the Stretcher competition concludes, and the winner's crown goes to dmitri, with much applause to the authors of some great writing throughout. At the other end of the scale, minorvogonpoet challenges us to come up with the worst first sentence. Awix returns to review the latest cinema releases, and Beatrice sees another sort of star, as she begins a set of reports from China with the solar eclipse. One of h2g2's oldest researchers, AlsoRan80 remembers the outbreak of World War II, and newbie Nosebagbear records his attempts to master Guide ML.

  • 05.10.09

    The Post returns to a weekly schedule with articles on Life, the Universe, and Everything. Tributes are paid to TB Falsename, who sadly passed away.

  • 12.10.09

    Birthday greetings galore! Mancunian Blues returns (see A Slice Of Life), Malabraista remembers the fall of the Berlin Wall (see The World Is Just a Great Big Onion), and there's poetry and pictures under Food For Thought.

  • 19.10.09

    Culture includes a couple of reviews of Eoin Colfer's And Another Thing, in Wildlife B'Elana has found a mysterious creature, and in Science and Technology there's a whole lot of tweeting and TAMing going on.

  • 26.10.09

    Song and Dance: Beatrice's daughter experiences reality TV, and Rich gives a flavour of Gambian drumming. Old Blighty: Smudger and The Thinker reminisce. Challenges: can you write a Guide Entry in only 140 characters?

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