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Posted: 5th October 2009



Welcome to the New-Look Post!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but here we are – The Post has gone weekly again!

Not only that, but you'll see that we've made a few changes to the layout of the issue. Instead of the usual, comforting section headers of old, you'll find that our columns are organised into three main sections – appropriately titled 'Life', 'The Universe' and 'Everything'. I've wanted to lose the old sections for a while now because they were based on a set of completely arbitrary rules; for example, a Regular was any column that we'd run five or more times that could theoretically go on forever, unless it was a cartoon or a fictional series. So columns such as Great Knolly, Platypus Dancing and the Firecloud Report could appear issue after issue without being Regulars, whereas Our Man in Milliways would always be a Regular despite the fact that we only get one every two or three months. The more we thought about it, the less sense it made.

You won't always see these headers in every issue. Next week, they'll be something completely different. We'll look at the articles we want to run in every issue and see if they fall into natural sections, and I think we're going to have a lot of fun deciding what goes where. However, we do have two new permanent sections: Community, to reflect the high number of articles about h2g2 we receieve these days, and a feedback, Discussion and Submissions section.

If you've submitted a column to us in the last two-and-a-bit weeks, you may well find it doesn't appear here. That doesn't mean we've forgotten about it, don't like it or don't value your contributions. It just means that we chose not to use it in this issue. Yep: we're starting to go all Editorial on you.

We hope you like what you see below – whether you do or not, let us know over in the Post Readers' Forum!

Our excitement over the new format was tempered somewhat when we heard the news that Mike Hart, known on h2g2 as TB Falsename, died on September 16th. Mike was a huge character here, always full of wicked wit and humour, and he will be sorely missed by everybody who came into contact with him. Vicki Virago has composed a very poignant poem in his memory, which you can read in the Community section below.

We are also grateful to ST, who has kindly provided the photo below; TB Falsename is on the left, and Pheloxi, who died in April, is on the right.

TB Falsename and Pheloxi

Our thoughts are with Mike's family at this difficult time.










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