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  • 10.07.00

    1-2-1 unfreezes the Arctic Explorer and finally we see some wedding pictures of Pastey.

    There is tragedy at Roskilde, the funeral of Joey Dunlop and the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.

    The 'Virtual Reinhard' brings us tulips and ice sculptures and Pastey a beer festival!

    Mustapha begins his occasional film reviews but Take5 and Agony Aunt take a break.

  • 17.07.00

    The Big C appears in the 1-2-1, Obi 1 starts his topical columns and the Ads and Announcements begin.

    Peta reports on Pastey's wedding, Reinhard goes drinking round Holland and Gwen meets some Tigers.

    More trouble in Ireland, aliens steal handbags, Tibet goes to Washington... a very full edition.

  • 24.07.00

    Alicat loves us all in the 1-2-1 and yet more new series emerge as The Roving Reporter,

    h2g2 Fiction and the h2g2 Poem appear for the first time.

    The Virtual Prez candidates hear of an attack on Demon Drawer and the Post links to the Missing Persons Column.

  • 31.07.00

    The Post changes to Alabaster, 1-2-1 interviews TowelMaster and Fragilis begins her 'view'.

    The Roving Reporter goes to the Forum and Firkin, Reinhard to England and Cambodia continues.

    The Poem laments Concorde and help is offered to newbies in the shape of h2g2 101.

  • 07.08.00

    This edition is huge despite losing both the 1-2-1 and Agony Aunt due to lack of response.

    The Roving Reporter goes for quick picks and Tweetie begins her occasional DVD reviews.

    The View continues to probe, we see proof of the Scot Meet and Pastey reports on beer!

    Reinhard explores wine valleys, Swiv starts her Safari series, Cambodia nears the end.

    Researchers are asked to look to the skies and the Virtual Prez grabs plenty of attention.

  • 14.08.00

    Roving Reporter visits the h2g2 Space Centre and Fragilis explains Peer Review.

    Down My Lane finishes his Cambodian journey with useful tips about money, the internet and food.

    Swiv safari's on, Reinhard goes sailing and we hear more about the Scot Meet.

    Bluebottle examines toilets and the voting rules are given for the Virtual Prez Race.

  • 21.08.00

    The Church of Weekendism is this weeks' destination for the Roving Reporter.

    We visit Sri Lanka, Finland and Tanzania and hear how the h2g2 comet gazers fared.

    Mustapha reviews three films and Tweetie looks at education... another occasional feature.

    'The View' starts a competition and the Dutch Meet arrangements get underway.

    Troubles in the race to be Virtual Prez are ironed out and apologies made.

  • 04.09.00

    After a break The Post returns with the great news that Wowbagger is back with h2g2 Life!

    The Roving Reporter swims across to inspect the h2g2 Waterworks and Beach... sewers included!

    'The View' also checks out the various clubs on h2g2 and Pastey starts venting his spleen.

    Swiv is in Kilimatinde and Reinhard should have been in Luxembourg.

    Tweetie reviews another DVD and our poet has fun with primates.

  • 11.09.00

    Wowbagger is obviously a 'goo' not 'alabaster' man, whilst Fragilis inspires us to write.

    The Roving Reporter drops in on newer clubs and groups around h2g2 and Peregrin goes missing!

    Swiv is still working hard, the Dutch Meet grows and Reinhard shows off Utrecht.

    We report on 'The Proms in the Park' and enjoy another fiction effort from a researcher.

  • 18.09.00

    The Olympics hit h2g2 as our antipodean friends go mad with gold lust!

    Linus ignores them and looks at other sport whilst Loonytunes finds plenty to amuse us with.

    Wowbagger has trouble with an Aussie girl who thinks that h2g2 MUST be a porn site!

    The Roving Reporter finds religion (or not) at The Church of the True Brownie.

    Pastey vents more spleen and Reinhard checks out the Loire Valley.

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