Project: Use and Abuse of Gin

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Faculty of Social Science
  • Project Name: Use and Abuse of Gin
  • Field Researcher: U160161
  • A612299
  • Department: Food & Drink
  • Start Date: 01st January 2001
  • End Date: 23rd Febuary 2004(This used to be 31st May 2001, but the project was indefinitely prolonged because of Rupert1 and other reasons)
  • Assisting Sub-Editor: None

Project Description

This project is to document common ways of use and abuse of gin.

Gin is a widely popular distilled alcoholic beverage. Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary says: "colourless alcoholic drink distilled from grain or malt and flavoured with juniper berries, often used in cocktails: pink gin, ie with angostura; I'll have a gin and tonic, ie with tonic water." This project is to document several different aspects of gin and it's position within society. See bullets below.

Pages of the Project:

This project was devided into these pages:

  • Tradition - When, how, where, by who and possibly why was gin invented?
  • History - A more detailled look at Gin's history
  • Mixture - What varieties of drinks containing gin are known? How are they prepared?
  • Types - What different types of gin exist? (This means differences in ingredients, strength, brands, ...)
  • (Ab)Users - Who are the people that use/abuse gin? (These days and in the past)

Status of the Project

This project is now dead. I am tearing it apart into single entries. For starters I have combined Tradition and History into A568677 and that entry is in Peer Review. It looks good. Although I have to say that I think the entire project was to be more than the sum of the single entries... But it's the best I could do.

Anyway, I really thank all contributers:

They have been a great help, I wish there were more of them...
But one shall not whine. I had a lot of fun doing my project and I will get it through!

Keeper and Mixer of the Gin and Tonic,
Muse of the Lemon Garden

1See A785306 and look for an explanation of Rupert...

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