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A new Feature for the POST will be the possibility to send in any advertisements you may wish to publish. These should, of course, be purely h2g2 related! Unless otherwise specified, advertisements will run for 4 weeks.

New Sites

An excellent new site has been established over the last few weeks! It is run by Kes and is called The Lost Poetry Office. Please check it out as it is well worth a visit.

Also worth looking at, although the editor is really dropping herself in on this one, is Studio iX. Here you may find portraits of well-known and not so well-known researchers skillfully executed by Kumbabear. Please keep any comments about the likeness of the editor to yourselves! I like it anyway.

Contact Wanted

I... namely Jake, would like to contact and perhaps connect with other h2g2 researchers in the Denver, Colorado area. I know you're out there. Please respond to my journal entry... anybody else from Denver... Here. Thanks

The h2g2 Realisation Project

You may or may not know that there is a new project starting on h2g2: The h2g2 Realisation Project.
In a nutshell, The Big C and a big team of artists, modellers, researchers, and whatever, are going to render h2g2 in 3D, for the Half-Life multiplayer. It's a huge undertaking, and I know lots of people out there would be interested! :-)

The h2g2 Realisation Project can be accessed HERE.

New to h2g2: The Noticeboard

Visit The h2g2 Noticeboard to post all your requests, invitations, adverts etc, on a new page specially created by Titania, queen of elves

New Cricket Team for h2g2

We are in dire need of players and an umpire who understands the LBW rule. We currently have a groundsman, a scorer, a mad fan, and Olias has volunteered to be the resident streaker !!!

The Centre of activity can be found HERE. Please drop in and register your interest!

Muses Wanted!

The Musehome is looking for Zeus!!! Zeus, if you remember, is father of the muses by Memory.... Yet... I have not received a reply from him, or from Apollo, either!!! If there are any dieties out there who are willing to drop by and give us a hello, they need to let me know!!! :)

Those of you interested should visit the Muse Site Here

The Musicians Guild

Another new place of interest to visit! Try out The Musicians Guild which hopes to attract all the many musicians of h2g2. If you join, you will be given free access to the page to post your own views!

h2g2 Teeshirts!

The staff of h2g2 are pleased to announce the availability of h2g2 T shirts to any researchers who want to be the height of fashion this season. The shirts are available at the shop, where all sorts of other goodies await your perusal.

The shirts are available in a dazzling array of colours (black or white!) and three sizes.

If YOU would like to place an advertisement, please email shazzPRME

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