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Welcome to the Lost Poetry Office.

Can we help you?

We operate in a similar way to a Lost Property Office - that is to say, people bring lost poems to us, or poems that might get lost, and we look after them. If the owner of a lost poem comes to the office, and we have their poem, we can reunite them with it, and they may (if they wish) take their poem away with them. So far, they have all been happy to know that the poem is safe, and being well cared for here.

Strange, isn't it, that in a Lost Property Office there is not one single item of lost property - it is all, actually, found property ... awaiting an owner. It's the same here - the "Lost Poetry Office" is actually a home for poems that were lost (or in danger of becoming lost), but have been rescued.

Has that ever happened to you? You found a poem, or someone special gave you one, and you held it for a while ... and then the piece of paper got moved before you put it somewhere safe ... and the poem became lost. Don't let it happen again.

If the poem is a published one, make sure you note down all the details (author, title, book, etc.), so that you can buy a copy, or borrow one from a library. In that way the author is rightly rewarded for the copyright.

If the poem is your own, or was written especially for you, then it may be at risk of becoming lost. If so - let us help you. Our main function is to provide a home for your favourite poem - so you can bookmark the page, and come back to it any time you want. The procedure is simple. Contact us here about your poem, and its dedication. If you don't want to post the poem here, leave a message - we will provide an email address through which you can send us your poem.

All the poems we have here are very special to the people who gave them to us. Please take a few minutes to read some of them - maybe some of the special meaning will rub off on you. And besides, poems like being read.

Three Poems - for the Survivors

A Ilha - para os Sobreviventes

The Willow Tree - for Zax

God's lent Child - for Daniel

Secret Art - for The Bloke from Stoke


The Matrix


Natural Selection - for Terry P.

Wishing Well - for Hati

Dad's Little Girl - for all parents and daughters

Raising Ghosts - for a girl called Ben

The Space Between the Stars - for a girl called Ben

A Learner's Complaint - for Yelbakk

The End is the Beginning - for Galaxy Babe and Infinity

The Chasm - for Dastardly

Carbohydrates Cure the Blues - for a girl called Ben

Now and Then - for a girl called Ben

3 Minutes - in memoriam of September 11th


Three poems by Lord Preston

My Dad Died - for Jump the gun

Been around the block, came back

Too much. In every way

Wake Up Around You

Poetry From My Head

Struth Ruth

Two of these poems are not in English, and so have been hidden as part of the site's moderation process. I have left the links in place .... in hope.

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