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Every Municipal Park has a recreation ground, a nice open green space free of flower beds and fountains, swings and roundabouts. It is where those approaching the realms of geriaticity go to walk their poodles, it is where those inhabiting the twighlight of their childhood go to play football on summer evenings.

With these facts in mind the local authority responsible for the H2G2 Park have decided to create a brand new Cricket Ground. No astro-turf or hessian matting for this community. It is a 100% traditionally prepared pitch, with mowers, rollers and covers tirelessing manipulated by the groundsperson. It has an old style scoreboard where the information is changed by the scorer winding cogs in his little box. It even has a mad fan, who spends his life sitting on the old, green, wooden bench and who is often trying to plant a tree just inside the boundary ropes.

We have now completed construction work on our Pavillion, please come along and make yourself at home. Our A Practice Ground is also open, please come along to have a net session with the team,or just to collect autographs. We hope eventually to have our own radio commentary team and the occasional Elvis-alike or pantomime cow. With the future in mind we are currently holding trials for the Cricket team, and are also looking for people to make the sandwiches for the tea interval. Also, if you think you understand the lbw rule, why don't you volunteer to don the white coat and cap of the umpire, and exercise your index finger.

So welcome to the Cricket Ground, lounge on the grass, enjoy the gentle tap of the cricket ball against the bat, make the team something better than the England one, help us to achieve our aims and enter the new millenium. Oh, and enjoy the Tea.

The Team is beginning to form itself, hopefully, now Rupert is over, and summer is coming the team will revive after its winter slumber by the fire. Come along and join. Current Members are:

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