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Hey thanks smiley - cheersthats a really good idea.smiley - smiley
I like all thigs Japanese actually-but have never thought of that befoesmiley - cool.
there is a karate club i attended , very briefly, (although, i have a few years experience elswhere ) and to end each lesson, one of the instructors would give it all he had on a taiko drum - lol deafening smiley - laugh looks good fun.

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h2g2 Musicians Guild

Hello Spike,

I've added you to the membership list (A438068) now.


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Try BIG brass. A tuba or susaphone. You can hug them like a person and the vibrations from a really deep note are wonderful. You don't hear the note, you feel it. They are expensive - try and borrow one.

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I play the Keyboard and the Piano (Mainly the Keyboard, though). I'm afraid I do not sing in public, but if it helps I do enjoy singing to myself. But then, doesn't everyone? I like most kinds of music, except for things I've heard over and over again, and I don't like modern rap that much (though I do like some examples of the genre). My favourite musician has got to be Voltaire, because he is very different from most musicians, in my (not so) humble opinion. The main thing I want from the Musicians' Guild is somewhere I can talk about music. And to see if anyone else knows Voltaire.

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h2g2 Musicians Guild

Hello ftw2g2.

I've added you to the guild's membership list. You can certainly talk about music here, eg by posting on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltaire_%28musician%">F52166?thread=, but you may find things a little quiet at the moment. So don't be surprised if you don't get lots of replies.

By Voltaire, I'm guessing you don't mean the famous writer of the enlightenment era (who wasn't noted for having any particular musical prowess) but this musician:

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Yes, the one who sings about zombies. Naturally.

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h2g2 Musicians Guild

smiley - hamstersmiley - orangefishsmiley - lovesmiley - spidersmiley - tit

( smiley - sheepsmiley - esuomsmiley - flyingpig )

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Danny B

smiley - toffeeapplesmiley - hotdogsmiley - elfsmiley - spacesmiley - popcornsmiley - lighthousesmiley - alesmiley - nursesmiley - elvissmiley - thiefsmiley - surfer?

(smiley - doctorsmiley - artistsmiley - nahnahsmiley - nahnahsmiley - yawnsmiley - spacesmiley - boing.)

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The Eldon Wytch


Hey I play Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica and the combe and paper (b4 your time)

I like all types of music from Plain Chant to New Age and everything in between if I like it I buyit! With the exception of Gangster Rap.

Composers wow J S Bach, Elgar,Copland thru to Stevie wonder (amazing chord progressions)

I would like to join

The Eldon Wytch smiley - magic

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Hi, I play lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass guitar and drums. My musical influences are the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, Moody Blues, King Crimson, Tomita, Kraftwerk, Hendrix, Captain Beyond but
especially early Genesis. I have been accumulating all the equipment I will need for project42, 5 electric guitars, an Epiphone violin bass, Keyboards, Fender acoustic 12 string, drum machine, microphones and will be using Presonus Stuio One software. I sing like bricks don't which is why I am asking for volunteers for the project. Details about the project should clear review about Dec 16th but I can get you started early. The email for the project is [email protected] and the website is https://sites.google.com/site/zaphodproject42
Please join me in my quest fellow hitchhikers.

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