The Eldon Wytch

Well look at that, will you look at that, just look at that is reading about me.A WitchThe star-spangled banner.A wizardYou know living in the Mid-west of the USA (The Bible Belt) has it's moments.

Being a witch and a christian confuses people to no end! How can you be a christian and believe and practise witchcraft. Now please understand these are good kind hearted people who help at a moments notice but, they just can't get their heads around it.

I live a little ways outside a small Kansas town with one store, a gas station, post office (that has the strangest hours), city hall and 5 churches!!!

I am welcome to any of the above including the churches, providing I wear a bell round my and shout "UNCLEAN!" before entering (That is how it feels)......... it's the looks from the sister Bertha better than you crowd (Thanks to Ray Steves).you can almost hear them thinking 'What's he doing here?'
A pair of eyes, contemplating Enlightenment.
These are the same people who will do anything to help you and then , they call me at all hours about sick or lost animals, I think my spouse doesn't love me anymore, my child is doing this ot that.Stuff you know the type of thing and I help or comfort if possible and it isn't always possible or my place to help. But you always do what you can and sometimes kind words are enough, and other times well well you have to 'cast' a little further.

The Mid-west, now I have been here a while, would I live anywhere else on the planet?............HELL NO!

Time for another peppermint pattie and oh yes that sick cat

Likes: Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, DNA, Most types of Music, Cooking, Wine and not having to push mow anymore.

Dislikes: Clutter, Elvis, NFL, Hemmingway and TV Dinners

My Elven name: AinaandĂșnĂȘion

Name: Allen. Age: 36. Work: Food Inspector.

email. [email protected]

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The Eldon Wytch

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