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so folks, who wants to hop on the good foot?

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I'm looking for some folks who wanna smooth out a big funk wrinkle, so to speak. Any type of musicians are welcome, but people who play brass/wind or some kind of sexy bass would be much appreciated.

Personally i play guitar.

I'm thinking of programming the drums myself, to lend a sort of hip hop feel to the thing, possibly some ambient stuff included in there too, get a kinda spacey vibe going.

And if you don't wanna play funk, perhaps you want to experiment then i'd like to go for some of that too.

Anyway, if you can record in yr bedroom and upload files, gimme a shout and we'll work out how to fling dollops of creamy jive across the sub-etha and make sure everyone is copyrighted. This will help to keep squabbling to a minimum...

so folks, who wants to hop on the good foot?

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h2g2 Musicians Guild

Every so often someone tries to start something collaborative online, but thus far such attempts have largely fallen flat. Eg:


from which you might note that U1330481 is a potential ally / contributor.

Though I think the BBC itself did do some sort of jamming thing for children in the past couple of years. It should be findable somewhere about the place but wasn't on the h2g2 sub-site.


so folks, who wants to hop on the good foot?

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

If you can put something togehter, and lettuce know what key its in I could have a go at putting down some frisky bass guitar smiley - musicalnote Not relaly too great on teh brass sid eof thigns, htough I can do it from the keyboard, but I'm not really a keyboardist smiley - blush

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