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Once upon a time this was a very ambitious project to create some diverse biographical entries for the guide. Due to general organisation and time-management issues and specific internet access issues on behalf of the organiser, it was unfortunately abandoned, but not before some really spectacular entries were completed.

'Done Too Soon' appeared on Neil Diamond's 1970 release 'Tap Root Manuscript'. The lyrics are primarily a list of people throughout modern history who were 'done too soon', either having been killed while still very young (comparatively), or having passed away after having made a significant contribution to the progression of history. You can hear the song (and see a nifty graphic display) here.

Listed below are the 25 people included in the song. For the biographies that have been written there are links to the Edited Entries (where appropriate), those published in The Post and The Underguide. Those that have been written but not published in other areas of the site are linked to the author's orignial entry. The names not linked have yet to be written, and are fair game to any interested parties. If anyone takes on a subject and would like a nifty link to your completed work, just drop a line below with a link to your completed entry1.

And each one there

Has one thing shared

They have sweated beneath the same sun

Looked up in wonder at the same moon

And wept when it was all done

For bein' done too soon.

'Done Too Soon'

1Entries do not have to be Edited or published in The Post or Underguide to be linked, but it's certainly alright if they have been.

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