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Absinthe, we meet at last

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Another foray into the world of green stuff. On a recent trip to Barcelona I got hold of a bottle of Philip Lasala absinthe for approx £5. The alcohol is 50%, and it doesn't say how much wormwood is in it but the taste is VERY strong, much stronger than Hill's. I'm not sure if I could drink too much of it, but I'm willing to give it a try (watch this space) (If this space remains empty, I tried and died)

Absinthe, we meet at last

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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)



You among the living still?

Absinthe, we meet at last

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Fredie Ghooouulashhhh

I once got 2 shots of a Polish plum vodka that was 70%by volume. I slowly gulped the first one and when I poured my second I had to quickly do some thing but when I returned to my glass most of it had evaporated.

Absinthe, we meet at last

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shtilll researching

Absinthe, we meet at last

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Why you should always clearly label bottles.

While mixing liquers from home distilled spirit I accidentally picked up a bottle containing 170 proof spirit instead of the one containing distilled water and took a swig.

Eventually I started breathing again.

Absinthe, we meet at last

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While cycling along carrying my latest bottle of Absinthe (I live in Holland, after all), I managed to drop it onto the cobbles, instantly curtailing my current research.
Rumour has it that there is an Absinthe Bar in Amsterdam, and I am checking it out in a few days.
I'll be back.

Absinthe, we meet at last

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Prez HS (All seems relatively quiet here)

You heard WHAAAT!?

I live there! Yoo too?
Where is that bar, man?
Where is it?
Gotta be here somewhere... gotta find it!
Quick quick quick... where?

Hey, turns out we heard the same rumour. It seems too be troo.
I will locate the location, and check it out... wanna come?

Absinthe, we meet at last

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OK, so I've already posted a posty thing on my homepage thing (darn, I must cut down on my drinking), and I will get back to you if you do the things I said you should do. However!! If you have access to the CD-Foongids, the trick is to set it to the WHITE pages (NOT the PINK pages) and search for Absinthe.
Why isn't it in the pink pages? Buggered if I know. Perhaps they want it kept a secret.
And, yes, they have HUGE bloody great glass towers of the stuff behind the bar, looking all, well, green and dangerous. They serve it in weeny measures, I guess in a sort of defence against dead tourists, but it's the real stuff alright. I only just caught the last (03:17) train home the other night...

Absinthe, we meet at last

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Hey! It has been brought to my attention that there is an advert for MAIL ORDER ABSINTHE in a recent issue of Viz. It's 55% vol alcohol (110 proof) and claims 'much stronger hallucinogenic effect than its major UK competitor'. Tis £29.95 + £6.55 p&p for half a litre mind you, but if you can't pop into Prague or Barcelona too easily then it may be your best bet. They take credit cards, and their phone is 0181 943 9526. Just thought English people might like to know!

Hello Seen Her Genicks

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Keep forgetting to ask you how this went. Must write an entry on Dutch 'shrooms too.
Only four weeks before they make them illegal in Holland...

absinthe cocktails!?

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mystery girl

you still alive, pal?

i have just returned after a prolonged absence (no, not a "prolonged absinthe"!) myself. enjoying much absinthe. have even found some absinthe cocktails at http://wwww.hotwired.com/cocktail ...just do a search for "absinthe". pretty much any cocktail including pernod can be adapted, too

Absinth vs. Tequila

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Two friends and I have just gone thirds on a bottle of the green mighty liquid, which cost £47 (70% alcohol, 70cl) from my local bottoms up in Carshalton high street.

They also had another version called blackjack absinth which was slighty cheaper but less alcohol content.

We have all booked a day of work in order to drink it the night before, I can't remeber a time when we were more excited I'll let you know how it goes.

You can also check out www.absinth.co.uk for a list of pubs around the uk which serrve the green gold. And you can purchase straight from the web site!

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