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Absinth vs. Tequila

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The Wanderer

Surely Absinth rather famously also has hallucinogenic properties? I rather think pretty much any spirit does after half a bottle or so. Maybe a list of the best 'visions' might be in order?

Absinth vs. Tequila vs Chartreuse?

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Sam Lowry

from what I understand you can't get Absinthe unless you make it yourself...
Only had it once, it was a homebrew... I like Tequila much better...

You wanna talk from hallucinogenic alcohol - have you ever tried Chartreuse?
That stuff is Evil In A Bottle, my friends. Someone once described Jeigermeister
to me as "What Tequila wants to be when it grows up." By that analogy, I'd call
Chartrause "Jeigermeister with a hangover".

I can drink tequila all night, but I lose huge chunks of time after one shot of
Chartreuse... and never, ever, EVER drink it with Mississippi Mud. There's
six hours of my trip to New Orleans I'll NEVER get back.)

Alcoholic Visions

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My favourite alcoholic vision was by a Dutch friend of mine while staying in Denmark, at Helsingborg opposite Sweden. After downing some excellent Elephant Beer we retired to the beach with a litre of Black Bush whisky ( THE best blended whisky in the world!). My Dutch friend, not been used to whisky in such quality, initially say Jesus walking on the water between Denmark and Sweden( you can easily see the Swedish coast accros the sea). Then later, he got terribly upset as he truely believed that Sweden had sank ! The fog had ust come down smiley - smiley

Absinth vs. Tequila

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Sam Lowry

Oh yeah. In the Slammer instructions, it should be noted that the easiest
way to get the lime into your mouth ASAP is to have it ready in the salted
hand before drinking: lime between thumb and forfinger, salt behind thumb...

good luck, people. drink well.

Absinth vs. Tequila

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Another tip:
NEVER, EVER drink a quadruple tequila in one gulp without salt or lime.

Absinth vs. Tequila vs Chartreuse?

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Absinth is illegal in most of Europe, but for some reason you can still buy it perfectly legally in several European countries.
The UK, for example.... Coming to an off-licence near you!

Absinth vs. Tequila

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Now I just learned that trick (putting the salt on the lime) and I think it's cheating. I think for the true experience, you need to lick the salt, slam the drink, and suck the lime.

BTW, as far as I know, Absenthe is illegal in the US too.

Absinth vs. Tequila

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Mr Pynk

I saw somebody who said the same, but maybe I was seeing things!!
Ha Ha....

Absinth vs. Tequila vs. Amaretto?

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Okay, Amaretto is a fairly harmless liquer, or at least that's what they WANT you to think, but have you ever drank half a 40oz
bottle in one sitting, while watching someone elses cats? think about it.

Absinth vs. Tequila

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Master Yoshi

quite simply, absinth is the strongest drink i've ever come across.... and i've been around... even if i am only 20.....
one doesn't imagine that one shot really does anything... it just feels warm inside once you've drunk it.... but after 2, bloody hell, you know about it........

Absinth vs. Tequila vs. Amaretto?

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Yeah, Absinthe is available in the UK (don't you watch the food & drink prog - no? - i don't blame you). To see the effect, look at Degas' The Absinthe Drinkers after a few. It may be the secret ingredient in a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Absinth vs. Tequila vs. Amaretto?

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Absinth on it's own .... Great!
Absinth mixed with Raspberry schnapps .... even better!
Absinth mixed with Bacardi 151 .... Don't ever EVER try it if you want to live!

As to the hallucigent er, hellucigenetik, er hallu, er funny properties of absinth, I've never been able to drink enough in one go to try it out. As far as I know, although the properties are still their, the good old UK laws on food/drink preperation have now made it legal only because it's a lot safer than before. (Good for your health, but bad for your parties).

Perhaps we should start a PGGB level on drinks - I.E. how close a drink is to a Pan Galactic GargleBlaster ? Bacardi 151 is the strongest drink I've ever had and that must be getting to at least, oh, 20% PGGB !!!!

Absinth vs. Tequila

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I am also a student-bloke and can say that a quad shot of tequila is nothing on downing 2 and a half bottles of calvados, I was in a parisian hospital for two days.

Absinth vs. Tequila vs. Amaretto?

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Apparently you have to heat it up first, just until it's bolied slightly (to reduce some of the alcohol content) and then freeze it.

I'm told that this releases all of the (good/dangerous) gear in it and gets you mad with the jungle drums.

We tried it in The Scala (London venue) as "Absinth Iced Teas" which we blagged from the bar as they were being made especially for some geezers in the VIP lounge.

Remarkably tasty - and they kept us going til 5 am. But no nociEaABle siDE eeeeeeeeeefects.. . . .zzp. . fneek. . . TTTTTTT. haaarr.

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