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You could try ordering DVDs from R1 (Canada / USA). (http://www.dvd-depot.com are good) This has the advantage of more scenes and basically the film won't be ruined by our censors! If you look hard enough out there on the big WWW you will find sneaky ways round the region encoding stuff.

***NOTE*** I do not endorse any of that - I am just informing of the facts as I see them


The reason for different DVD formats...

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I own both the VHS and the DVD releases of Blade Runner, and I find the DVD to have a slightly sharper image,
and the soundtrack is a bit crisper in the rears.
The only shot that is really impressive to me is the opening cityscape shot, the flames have a great deal more
I do wish they had remastered the sound though, it could be so brilliant...
Yes, I'm an American, No i dont own a gun, Yes I do own a trenchcoat (though i doubt a London Fog coat
is cool enough for anyone to confuse me with a cast member of The Matrix)
and Yes, I like movies, and I like to see them in as good a quality as my budget will allow. Though I don't
think that makes me a cooler person than anyone else, its just what I'm into.



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Ok enough of the capital letters!!!!!!!

If anyone wants to know anything about DVD's or home cinema etc
have a look at this web site
link to surrounded by sound


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That was supposed to appear as a link, but something seems to have gone wrong!


Just thought i'd try it again

link to surrounded by sound

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You forgot the http://

link to surrounded by sound

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And I forgot the link


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It doesn't work if it's a proper link!

Proper link

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Let me have another go:
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