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Researcher 197440

A nice way to mask the fact that you're just trying to get drunk ASAP is to play this game which I call Mexican roulette. It's best done while sitting with some serious drinking buddies at a round table.
You'll need a kid's revolver with toy blasting caps (in Belgium they're red, circular and hold between 6 and 15), some shot glasses, salt, lime wedges and of course... tequila. "Shoot" each circle of caps untill only 1 or 2 caps, preferably not adjacent ones, remain.

Now the fun part starts: pass the revolver round the table, letting each person pull the trigger once, pointing the revolver at their head for theatrical effect.
(remember: these are TOY blasting caps, they only make a small bang and have no explosive effect whatsoever)
If you get a blank cap, nothing happens. If there's a small 'bang' you drink a shot of tequila.
Et voila, a totally random and fun way to get drunk together.
oh, DO use salt and lime wedges: the salt takes away the usually *godawfull* taste, limes 'll make your arteries expand thus enhancing the, already impressive, alcoholic effects of tequila.

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