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smiley - ghostThe Masi of the Seringetti have spoken of animal possession for generations. A sect of animal worshippers known as 'Primals'. They belive that humanity, consiousness, the soul is a pervertion, a dilution of spirit. To them the animal state is holy. They are able through trans-possession to draw the spirit of certain animals into themselves.


smiley - ghostThe Inca people were very advanced. This particular Inca princess was from the southern Kia region of eastern Puru. She was only sixteen years old, but she was a chosen one and was offered as a sacrafice to save her people. She was then mummyfied with a seal to entrap her spirit. If the seal were to be broken her spirit would be freed and she would live once more. However she can only maintain her new found life by feeding off of the life force of humans. If she is unable to gain a new life force she will revert back into the mummyfied corpse she was before.


smiley - ghostA poltergeist is a spirit that doesn't know what it wants. It is plagued by all manner of worldly troubles but being dead, has no way to make it's peace. So it lashes out, growing ever more confused, ever more angry. In order to help the spirit move on to it's final destination, you must find out what is keeping the spirit from crossing over and help it to resolve it's issues.


smiley - ghostThe Chumash were a peaceful tribe until they were immprisoned, victimised and hearded into missions filled with all manner of Eurpean diseases by the pilgrims. The few Chumash they were able to survive, rebelled against the pilgrim and were hung for their efforts. Men, women and children were brutally murdered and their ears cut off as proof of death. The spirits of the Chumash tribe's leader, named Hus was called to exact vengence for all the wrongs done to his people by recreating those wrong doings onto the decendents of their punishers. The only way to rid yourself of the sprits is to kill their leader Hus with his very own sacred knife.


smiley - ghostAn apparition is a form of poltergeist, except the subject may not have died but instead would have most probably suffered some form of extreme trauma in the past. The appariton itself is created by intence adulecent emotions and pent up sexual energy that the past trauma may have caused. The apparition then feeds on the sexual acts of others, recreating the original trauma and fuels itself with the energy caused by these acts, until the fuel runs out and the subjects causing the energy perish!


smiley - ghostTamogenisis is when doing a spell creates a being. The world doesn't appreciate us receiving something for nothing so it creates a being to balance out the good and the bad, a consequence for using magic for personal reasons. The being created cannot be seen in this dimension because it is out of phase with this reality. Its concienceness is here but it's body is trapped in the etha between existing and not existing. So it possesses the bodies of mortal beings. You can send the being back to where it came from by undoing the original spell but if that is not an option the good news is the being can only remain in this reality temporarily. The only way that the being could stay on this plain permanantly is to kill the subject of the original spell.


smiley - ghostSpirits can be brought forth and manifested into solid form by the use of a talesman. They exist only to seek vengence and wrath on the living. They can harm and kill the living but you cannot kill these them. The only way to be rid of these spirits is to send them back to where they came from by finding and destroying the talesman that originally brought them forth. Once destroyed the spirits will dissapear.



smiley - skullThere is no written documentation refering to the First as it is an ancient power older than man and demon. The first has aqulites in it's bid to destroy the world. They are high preists call harbingers or bringers that can conjour up spirit manifestations to taunt or influence people into doing it's will. You cant fight the first it is pure evil' infact it is the first and purest evil known to man. It has no physical being so cannot be harmed in any way. It cannot take on corporial form it can only appear to us in the guise of someone who has died. The only way you can defeat this being is by killing all of its aqualites, but you will never be rid of the First Evil itself.


smiley - skullGlory is a god that is so old she predates the written word and even laguage itself. Glory ruled along side to other hell gods in a hell dimension of unspeakable torment. But her power and lust for pain grew beyond what they could even concieve. They feared that she would take over their dimension and cast them out so they took the oppertunity to strike first. After an immense battle errupted they came out victorious, just barley and cast her out of their dimension. They banished her to a lower plain of existance, forced to live and eventually die in the body of a mortal, a new born male created as her prison. The identity of the human was never revealed. Fortunatley being in human form, the form of her brother Ben limited her powers a great deal. However the two of them can swop and change faces at a moments notice, niether one of them able to control the change. These two entities even though they share the same body have no knowledge or memory of what the other has done or said whilst using the vessel. Glory, The Beast can only keep her mind intact by extracting energy from the human brain once drained it leaves the victim insane. Glory has only one main objective and that is to find the mystical key and use it to open a porthole and return home to the hell dimension in which she was cast out.


The Baljocka's eye is an oricle type of creature that exists in a dark dimension, an internal vortex. Only demons can open the gateway to this dimension. It knows all and see's all, it knows all the answers if the questions have answers. The eye see's not the future only the truth of the before and now!



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