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An Essential Guide For All Slayers


smiley - batA vampire is an entity that is neither dead nor alive but a corpse or a soul that has retured from the grave to torment the living, to kill and feed off and to create fear within all mortal beings.

The vampire cannot maintain it's undead state without feeding on blood. They can survive by drinking any kind of blood but they cannot forsake their lust and taste for human blood


smiley - batThere is no doubt that vampires can be traced back to our earliest ancestors. Certain engravings and inscriptions on ancient artifacts are proof enough of that. The earliest writings on vampires have been traced back to the Babylonian and Assyrian states that rose in the year 2000 BC, when demons and half demons still walked the earth. Talk of creatures that would awaken from their corpse like state and torment the living, were not just of vampires. Among these creatures were the 'Utukku' an invisable, wind like incorporeal demon and the 'Ekimmu' the departed soul that could find no peace. Both of these creatures were the result of premature and violent deaths. Unable to cross over to the dark world these creatures would prey on the living such as vampires for food and substance.


smiley - batBy the start of the eighteenth century, the vampire had infiltrated all of the upper reaces of society from universities to churches and royal courts. Accounts of the rumours about the corpses were gradually legitimized through certain publications. The increase in literacy during both the seventeenth and eighteenth century contributed to not only the spread of vampirism but also to the dissemination of more informative esseys written on the hows and whys of vampires


smiley - batIt is almost impossible to detect a vampire from anyone else in a crowd because these creatures look like you and I until they reveale their true faces. However there are certain things a slayer may pick up on such as the smell, if a vampire has taken more than a day to rise they will often have the stench of rotten skin. Also their skin may seem very pale, almost ghost like but you cannot go on this feature alone as many human such as annemics present this feature. They do not breath, some newly turned vampires will not have yet learnt to cover their identity by faking this but most of the older more experienced ones have taught themselves to breath as habbit to escape detection. One thing they cannot hide is the fact they have no heart beat but you can only dettect this by getting very close to the creature which I do not reccomend. A slayer in time will likley gain the ability to sence when a creature of the night is near just by feeling and a sence of knowing.


smiley - batThe most likley place to search for a vampire is the place he/she arose, cemetaries seem to attract vampires, strange I know seeing as legend will tell us that vampires fear religous properties of all kind, some vampires may even live their in crips or tombs as they are dark and dreary. Other places you may find a vampire or even a nest of them are underground cripts or dark basement apartments, cellars and the sewers. You will often find a vampire or two in the sewers as it is the only way for them to travel the town in daylight. Then once the sun is down you will find them where the people are, where theirs easy pickings such as nightclubs and pubs or walking the streets stalking a victim. They will rarley show themselves to you or seek you out with the exception of one or two who may want to fight otherwise they keep hidden and to the shaddows.


smiley - batOther than the dead bodies with two small bite marks on their necks, that have been drained of all their blood, there isn't much else to reveal vampires are around except maybe talk of gangs hanging round acting suspiciously and the odd empty grave. but well the dead bodies are a major give away so you cant really mistake that sign.


smiley - batIf you investigation of a village or town enearths some unmistakable signs of vampirism in the community, you will need to locate the source as soon as possible. But first you will need to prepare yourself with a few items to kill these creatures. However never rush in until you have completley scanned the area and determined how many there are and where all the escapes are should you get into trouble. You must carry a stake at all times as you never know when you might need it, and where a cross this will protect you from being bitten. Always be on your guard as vampires are extremley quiet and very sneaky, never assume you are alone just because you cant see anyone else there.


smiley - batHaving learned to identify and locate the undead, it is critical that you now understand how to kill these evil impure beasts. Upto this point we have studied and investiagted the vampires themselves now with an understanding of the tools and techniques I am about to share with you, you will be equiped to rid the world of these creatures. I must stress that the staking and burning of a body should only be performed once you are absolutley certain that the person is indeed one of the undead.


smiley - batThere are no universal rules for slaying vampires as belieffs have changed over the centuries as to what does or doesn't have an effect on vampires. So we teach the modern slayer to study and learn about all the different mythology's and folklores, oral traditions and even fictional literture has proven very insightful in learning their dark art. The slayers greatest ally after skill and cunning is her kit, this is an essential tool against the dark forces and will often be gretly needed.

GARLIC - A braid of fresh garlic hung above a door will ward of those visous creatures, that have been fortunate enough to recieve an accidental invite.

STAKES - A two foot long peice of sharpened wood is essential in this kit. Use it to peirce the vampires heart and he will immediatly turn to dust.

CRUCIFIX - The crucifix is an effective vampire repellent, use it to ward off the creatures or to inflict physcial damage by putting it against their skin as it will burn them.

MIRROR - The mirror is a useful tool for identifying the undead as they cast no reflection, so you will know with certainity what you about to fight is indeed a creature of the night.

HOLY WATER - Holy water kept in a small bottle, preferably a spray bottle is very useful for warding off vampires and it will burn their skin.

OTHER TOOLS - Additional equipment with which the slayer should become familiar with are Swords, Axes, Throwing Blades, Knives and Kendo Sticks. Knowledge of the use of these weapons will be vital in armed combat.


smiley - batThere will be times when, no matter how prepared a slayer is she will find herself unarmed. In such circumstances it is vital that the slayer knows how to defend herself.

PARRY AND PUNCH - Should a vampire reach out and grab your throat, sweep his arms away to the right with the flat palm of your left hand, moving from his hip as if pushing against a door. As the hand of the beast passes harmlessly passed by your right shoulder, step in with your right foot, throw your weight forward from the right hip and deliver a hard, low punch to the floating rib.

NERVE STRIKE - Use this move if the creature has both hands around your neck. Jam both of your arms up into the space between the vampires arms and place the index finger of each hand into the hollow behind the creature's ears where the jawbone joins the skull. Using his arm for leverage, push your index fingers inward and upward into these hollows with all the strenght you can muster. As soon as you feel its grip loosen, bend forward from the hips pull its head towards you, striking its nose with your forehead before pulling it down to the ground.

NUMBER 4 BLOCK - If a vampire attacks from your right-hand side. block his strike with the outside edge of your forearm. Hook your right arm behind the creature's upper right arm and thread it through until your right hand is able to reach your left wrist, forming the shape of the number 4. Lifting slightly, step forward quickly and listen out for the 'pop' as the creatures arm and shoulder socket part company. then keep pulling until the arm comes away completley in your hand.

NECK SNAP - This move is suitable if you have wrestled the vampire into a prone position on the ground. From this position, snapping a neck is a little like unscrewing a tight fitting lid form a jar. Kneel on the creatures back and wrap your right arm around it's neck to the point where you can reach all the way around his it's head and cradle it's chin in the crook of your elbow. With your left hand, grip the vampire's forehead and rotate his entire head clockwise at speed. Continue the turn until you hear it's neck snap.


smiley - batPARRY AND STAB - This move is an adaption of the 'Pary and Punch' monoeuvre, this technique uses a wooden stake as an extention of the arm. As your attacker reaces out to grab your throat, sweep the arm away to the right with the flat palm of your left hand, moving from the hip as if pushing a door. Step in with your right foot, throw your weight forward from the right hip and while the whole of one side of the creatures body is exposed, strike hard at the center of the rib cage, driving the stake through the heart at the smae time.

JO STRIKE - This attack makes use of a 'Jo;, a long, blunt pole. Hold the pole out in front of you and grip as if you were holding a rope, your hands about a foot apart. Bring the pole up until it almost touches your back. Now bring the pole back down by describing a circle with your hands, pushing the right hand forward over the left. As you do this step forward with the right foot and move your weight on to your right hip so that the full force of your body is behind the pole as it comes down on to the beast's skull.

BOTTLE It is sometimes neccessary to improvise a weapon from whatever is lies at hand. should a bottle be available do not waste time smashing it on a hard surface. Instead, in the manner of a backhand stroke in a game of tennis, hit the vampire in the face with the bottle, smashing it above the top lip and directly below the nose. On the return swing, jam the now broken bottle into the vampires chest.

THE TWO-HANDED SWORD - When all else fails the sword can be relied upon to solve most problems. The two-handed sword should be held out in fornt of you using a shortened version of the pole grip. Let the tip drop to the right before swinging the blade downward, to the side and behind you in a smooth arc. Bring the sword back around over your head and strike while stepping forward. Repeat the previous steps, but this time let the sword dip and swing to the left, again advancing by a single step on the downward swing. keep the swings moving continuously, switching left and right with each strike. This 'windmill' action can clear an entire room of vampires while at the same time providing you with the protection that no amount of holy water can supply.

The information on this page has been researched using 'The Vampire Watchers Handbook' written by Constantine Gregory.



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