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A vision of hell
Children in hoorible masks
This world is older than any of us know,conterary to popular mytholigy. it did not start as a paradise. For untold eons demons walked the earth and made it their home, their hell, but in time they lost their purchase on this reality and the way was made for mortal animals, for man. All that remains of the old ones are certain vestages, certain magics and creatures.


smiley - devilIn the dark ages the souls of demons were trapped inside certain volumes and they remained locked inside the book unless the pages were read aloud. Molloch is very deadly and seductive demon, he drew people to him with promises of power, knowledge and love and prayed on their impressionable minds before killing them. Until he was locked away in a book.


smiley - devilThe botherhood of seven are seven demons who take on the human form for seven years, they live as humans and act as humans until the seven years has ended. They must harvest certain organs from humans in order to retain their human form. If they do not they will revert to their origanal form which is rather less apealling.


smiley - devilMachida is a rather ugly reptile demon who promises power and riches to those who sacrafice others to him. He reguires three female sacrafices every year. If he does not recieve his sacrafices, those who worship him will loose everything they have gained.


smiley - devilEyghon also know as the sleepwalker can only exist in this reality by possesing an unconcious host. Temporary possesion embues the host with a euforic feeling of power. Unless the proper rituals are observed the possesion will be permanent and Eyghon will be born again from within the host. Once called Eyghon can also take possesion of the dead, but it's demonic energy soon disintergrates the host and it must jump to the nearest dead or unconcious host to continue living.


smiley - devilThe Judge was brought forth to rid the earth of the plague of humanity, to seperate the rightous from the wicked and burn the rightous down with just a touch. No weapon forged can kill him. Armies were sent and failed to kill him only to dimember him. They scattered the parts over the four corners of the earth so's to never be brought together as one again. If the judge is reasembled it will be armagedon for mankind.OVU MOBANI

smiley - devilThe Ovu Mobani meaning Evil Eye is a zombie demon trapped in an ancient Nigeran mask that holds it's power. Zombies are called to the mask by it's power, envoking any dead body nearby. Once a zombie puts on the mask they become the demon incarnet. The demons powers is in it's eyes, you must desroy the eyes in order to defeat it.


smiley - devilThe demon universe exists in a dimension seperate from our own. With one breath Acathla can create a vortex, a whirlpool that will pull everything on earth into that dimension, where any non-demon life will suffer horrible and eternal torment. Acathla came forth to swallow the world once before but a virtuous knight peirced the demons heart before he could draw the breath to perform the act. Acathla was turned to stoned and burried where neither man nor demon would want to look.


smiley - devilLahkonis, meaning glutton is another large reptile demon who gives power and riches to those who give him a tribute in return. The tribute Lahkonis requires is made every thirty years and it is new born babies that it wants. Lahknonis dwells benith the city, filth to filth


smiley - devilThe sisterhood of Jhe exist soley to bring about the worlds distruction. They are a group of female demons who's intent is to open the hellmouth. They are fierce warriors who celebrate their victory's in battle by eating the heads of their foe.


smiley - devilSome demons thrive by fostering hatred and persucution amongst the mortal animals, not by destroying them but by watching man destroy each other. They feed us our darkest fear and turn peaceful comunities into vigalanties. Every fifty years this demon appears to us as two small children supposedly murdered by witches. Then it manifests itself as the spirits of the children in order to feed our inner desires for revenge and persucution


smiley - devilThe demon Balthazar owned an amulate , which was reported to have given him all his power and strength. But he was thought to have been killed. However this was not the case and his follwers, a group of vampires called El Eliminate have been searching for the amulate ever since to restore their leader back to health. The amulate was taken from Balthazar by a wealthy land owner called Greeves and when he died it was buried with him. If Balthazar ever got his amulate back he would be restored to full strength and the world as we know it would be in great peril.


smiley - devilThe Hellhound is a demon foot soldier bred during the Mahcarsh wars. It is trained soley to kill. They are particully visous and they feed off of the brains of their foe.


smiley - devilThe Mactagah are a race of trans-dimensional demons that can force their victims to ingest animals blood during their sleep, in order to perform a ritual that emables them to steal the victims soul. Whilst the Mactagah can assume many forms including human, they can always be recognised by others of their kind due to the lack of a soul.


smiley - devilGachnar can be summoned by a ritual, once summoned it will try to manifest itself, to come into being by feeding off of fear. It's pressence will effect the reality of objects and places around it, causing walls to move about and makes lifeless objects come to life. Destroying the mark of Gachnar will bring the demon into being but even though the effects of his power are great the demon itself is only two inches tall.


smiley - devilAnyanka is a vengence demon who grants wishes to unknowing females who have been scorned by men. The only way you can reverse one of Anyanka's wishes is to destroy her power source, her necklace. This will reverse all of her wishes and render her powerless and mortal


smiley - devilToth is an ancient demon, who is very strong. He is the last known survivour of the Tothreek Clan. he is very sophisticated, he doesn't fight bare handed but uses tools or devises of some kind. He is extremley focussed aswell if he is after something he will kill it or be killed in the process.


smiley - devilSobeck is a reptile demon, who had worshiper called Sobeckettes. The Sobeckettes high priest had great mystic power and he forged an amulate with a transmorgrifying crystal, which can turn any living animal such as a cobra into a demon, ten times its original size. This demon can see beyond reality, what cant be seen. It has a sixth sence that allowes it to see mystical energy.


smiley - devilPrimitive people used to believe that the moon was the cause of insanity. Sometimes they would pray to the moon to send a meteor to fix the problem it had caused. These meteors were expected to quell the mad man. The queller demon is a scavanger that is summoned to rid the world of crazy people


smiley - devilThe Mmfashnick demons come from a long line of mercinary demons, who perform acts of torture, slaughter and mayhem for the highest bidder. Like demon hit men.


smiley - devilThis demon is very rare and extremley lethal, infact its almost instinct. They are breeders however and lay eggs but demon fighters do their best to stop them from ever hatching. The eggs fetch a small fortune on the black market. The eggs must be destroyed no matter what because if they hatch they will completley overun the world and come to war with man, which man would loose.


smiley - devilThis demon once called has a stinger in it's arm that can have the effect of dellusions and hillusinations on the victim. Fortunatley there is a cure, but you have to find a demon for that as they carry the antidote in their arms along with the poison


smiley - devilA Crimslaw demon is a large spider demon, which rips out the hearts of their victims. They act much like normal spiders where as they spin webs and climb and are extremley fast


smiley - devilThe Gnarl demon is a paracite with long fingernails which sucreet a paralising syrim when scratched by them, which stops his victims from moving whilst he strips their skin off piece by peice and eats it, then he drinks their blood afterwoods. The only way to un-paralise someone is to kill the demon itself.



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