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smiley - witchCatherine Madison was Amy Madison's mum and also a very powerful witch. After her husband left her she started casting spells using the black arts and cast a spell to switch bodies with her daughter in order to relive her youth and her glory days as a top cheerleader. In order to secure a place on the cheerleading squad she cast evil spells on the girls that had been accepted so that she could take their place on the squad. but when Buffy found out she cast a spell to kill her and would have suceeded if Giles had not managed to reverse all the spells in time. She cast another spell on Buffy, which Buffy reflected with a mirror and Catherine is now trapped in the very cheerleading statue she had won years before


smiley - runThe zoo keeper was trying to take the power and the spirit of a Hyena but fails as he does not realise that the ritual requires an act of a preditory nature. When some Sunnydale high students (including Xander) went into the quarentined cave, they were taken over by the spirits brecause they were bullying another student, which is classed as a preditory act. The zoo keeper pretends to help Giles and the students reverse the possesion, but when Giles realises the truth the zoo keeper knocks him out and puts a knife to Willows neck. The ritual works and he himself now has the spirit of the hyena, but only for a few minutes as Buffy kicks him he falls into the hyena cage and is eaten.


smiley - weirdFritz and Dave were two computer nerds at Sunnydale high who were lured and recruited by a demon called Molloch the Corrupter to help him manifest himself back to form as he was currently trapped in the computer. Dave did not want to hurt anyone so Molloch had Fritz kill him. Fritz after helping Molloch get a new body then kidnaps Willow and takes her to Molloch. Molloch then breaks Fritz's neck for all his trouble.


smiley - skullChris was devastated by his older brother Daryll's death so he brought him back to life using the Frankenstein method. However his brother being disfigured could no longer go out into the world so Chris agree's to make him a partner with the help of his friend Eric. The two boys dig up the remain of some dead girls and start to make her but they need a fresh head in order to make her come to life. Eric wants to kill Cordelia but Chris doesn't want any part of it, so Daryll goes after her himself. Chris helps Buffy to save Cordelia but ends up loosing his brother again in the fire.


smiley - fishCoach Marin was so intent on having a winning swimming team that he drugged his team with a steriod mix that he had manufacted himself containing fish DNA. This steroid however turned the boys into sea monsters. When he found out he did not attemp to stop it, instead he killed the nurse by giving her to his fish boy to eat in order to stop her from talking. Then when Buffy found out he chucked her down into the sea monster's pool. She manages to escape and The coach struggles with her trying to get her back in, but he falls in himself and becomes fish food.


smiley - skullO'Tool had died in a drive-by shooting and was brought back to life by his grandfather. Once alive again he set about bring all of his friends back to life also, and dragging Xander along for the ride. Once they were all alive again, they built a bomb and planted it in the school basement. Fortunatley Xander stopped it from blowing up and the dead guys were eaten by the sisters of Jhe, a group of demons.


smiley - vampireBilly Fordem also known as Ford was an old crush of Buffy's from Hemery High in LA. He came to Sunnyadle after he found out he was dying of cancer and befriended Buffy again. He cut a deal with Spike that if he gave Spike the slayer, Spike would make him immortal, turn him into a vampire. He set a trap for Buffy and all of his friends in an old bomb shelter. Buffy managed to escape and saved everyone else in the process except Ford who did get his wish and was turned but Buffy was waiting for him at his grave side and staked him the minute he rose.


smiley - grrTed when he was human killed his wife because she was about to leave him. Then he built a robot of himself before committing suicide. The robot ted kept trying to find himself a wife like the one before but always ends up killing them, after he'd gone through four wives he found Joyce, Buffy's mum. But the same thing happened again, the esscalating down hill had begun and he nearly killed Joyce also but Buffy killed him before he had the chance.


smiley - monsterThe Mayor of Sunnydale, Richard Wilkings the third. Has been alive for over a hundred years though it is never revealed how. But this wasn't enough the Mayor wanted to become a demon, not just a half breed but a real, full sized and very evil pure demon. In order to do this he made himself immortal by way of a ritual so that nobody could touch him until the accension, which was the day of his turning. Luckily Buffy managed to rally the school together to fight him and he was eventially blown up as he followed Buffy through the school library.


smiley - skullProffessor Maggie Walsh was Buffy's sociology proffesor and Head of a secret goverment operation called the 'Initative' that captured and experimented on demons and vampires for research. But maggie had her own little experiment going on in room 314 called Adam, who was a monster, a killing machine made out of human, demon and robotic parts which she created to use in war, as the ultimate soldier. What she didn't realise was that Adam had his own mind and couldn't be controlled. He killed her and escaped.


smiley - runThe Knights of Byzantium are an ancient order. The brotherhoods main objective was to destroy the 'key' and to stop it ever reaching the hands of the beast. Once one is killed more will follow and they would keep on coming until the key is deatroyed. They never fulfill their mission however the key did reaach the hands of the beast but was stopped in time to prevent hell on earth. Some of the knights were killed by Buffy and Spike, others killed by Glory the beast. But now that there is no key to destroy their work is done.


smiley - weirdThe Trio were a group of sci-fi fanatic boys who decided to try and take over Sunnydale. Warren was the leader and had skills in robotics he created himself a robot girlfriend and also created a replica of Buffy for Spike. But his lust for power started to grow strong when he decided to try and control a real girl and ends up killing her and trying to frame Buffy for it. Then later on Buffy foiled his plans off bank robbery and put his friends in jail so Warren went after her, shot her and Tara. Buffy survived but Tara did not so Willow went after him and killed him, skinned him alive. Jonathan was the least evil member of the trio and had a little talent in the dark arts. He did not like what the Trio were becoming and made it very clear. He was later killed by Andrew the third member of the Trio who's talent was calling demons, Andrew isnt very bright he's just a follower that only does what he's told. Andrew helped the first try to open the hellmouth using Jonathans blood but fortunatley it wasn't enough. Andrew later was caught by the scoobies and ends up helping them to fight the first and he is still alive today.



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