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The last demon to leave this reality fed off a human, mixed their blood. He became a human form possessed, infected by the demons soul. Then he bit another and another and so they walked the earth, feeding. Killing some and mixing their blood with others to make more of their kind. Waiting for the animals to die out and the old ones to return.


smiley - vampireSome sixty years ago a very old, very powerful vampire came to America, not just to feed but to open the hellmouth, a porthole to this reality and the next. But he was trapped by an earthquake, between worlds in a religous prison and could no longer walk the earth. But once a century he can draw power from a minion called a vessel, who feeds for him and gives him the strength to free himself.


smiley - vampireThese particular vampires form a very old sect that work for the master and according to prophecy will bring forth the annointed one and lead him to his rightful place at the side of the master


smiley - vampireThe three are warrior vampires, partically strong and extremley proud. These warriors are summoned only if an extreme threat has arisen. However if they fail in their duty to extinguish the threat, they will offer their very own lives as penence.


smiley - vampireAngelus the vampire with an angelic face! Known as Liam when he was human. He is 240 years old and has a tattoo on his right shoulder. He left Ireland after being turned by a vampire named Darla, with whom he reeked havock in Europe for many years. Whilst in Europe he sired Drusilla after sending her insane by killing her whole family and the three of them carried on feeding and killing until he ended up in Romania where he killed the daughter of a gypsy girl and a favorite among the Romani Clan. In revenge the clan set her curse upon him to restore his soul so that he could feel all the hurt and suffering he had caused. The curse would last until the day he reached pure bliss and would then be taken away again and he would become a monster again. Since that day Angelus has not harmed a single living soul and has vowed to fight the good fight.


smiley - vampireDarla was sired by the Master himself, she is one of his very own special children. The Master even named her, what her real name when she was human is unknown, even to her. Darla then sired Angelus and left the Master's side to run off with her new love and rein carnage on the world. The two spent nearly hundred and sixty years together but she left when Angelus aquired a soul and returned to the Master side once more.


smiley - vampireWilliam also known as Spike, a nickname he had aquired due to his love of torturing people with railroad spikes, is nearly two hundred years old. Sired by Drusilla, he spent many years in Europe killing alongside Dru, Angelus and Darla. He has fought two slayers in his lifetime and killed them both, one whilst in Hong Kong and the other when he was in new york in the seventies.


smiley - vampireDrusilla was a phsycic girl who was sent insane by Angelus, he tortured and killed her family in front of her and plaugued her until the day she took her holy orders and then he turned her. She has been insane ever since and she still oossess the phsycic ability she had when she was human. She soon sired her own partner, Spike and the two of them spent many happy years together sharing the death and torture alongside Darla and Angelus.


smiley - vampireLyle and Tector are two brothers from Abberly who made a reputation by massacaring a entire mexican village in 1886 and that was even before they became vampires. Luckily however they are not the greatest thinkers of our time.


smiley - vampireKakistos is a vampire so old that his hands and feet are cloven. He is extremley strong and a normal stake will not kill him but a larger one will.


smiley - vampireAs a mortal Zachary Kralick murdered and tortured more than a dozen women before he was captured and put in an asylum for the crimanly insane and this was before being turned. he has serious issues with women particully mothers


smiley - vampireThe El Elimante are a fifthteenth century duelest sect, deadly in their day, but their numbers have dwindled of late due to the demise in vampire activity. They eventually became the aqualites of a demon called Balthazar, who brought them to the new world.


smiley - vampireDracula is just an ordinary vampire but the thing that makes him special, makes him so much better than the rest is his use of gypsy magic. Which he uses to make himself dissapear into smoke or turn himself into an animal. He can also hipnotise you with his eyes and appear your dreams. He always lives in a castle or mansion, which suddenly appears out of nowhere and when he bites you it will last for days maybe even weeks because he likes to have a connection with his victims and staking him wont kill him, he always comes back.


smiley - vampireOtherwise known as an Uber Vamp. Like the neandrathal came before man the Tulakan came before vampire. It is a primordeal virousously powerful killing machine. They are as single minded as animals. They are the vampires that vampires fear. An ancient and entirely different race of vampire and they act as agents for the First Evil. They can be killed using the same methods as an ordinary vampire but they are extremley strong with chests like steel so staking is not really an option, The easiest way to kill this visous evil would be decapitation.



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