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Irving Washington - Gone Writing

The specs are all on the parade page (which I think I mentioned the URL of above, but if not http://www.h2g2.com/A274835 ). The date is April 28. This is important for two reasons: A) it's H2G2's first anniversary B) it's my 19th birthday. So the floats should be in to me by, let's say April 26th. That gives me plenty of time to do anything to them I need to before the parade goes up.


the Renaisance

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I think we should have a picture of a pert Californian digging the trenches on the battlefields of Wicksteed, withn only a pork pie and some brandy for comfort...

That'll rally the soldiers!


the Renaisance

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Right then people. If you guys can mail me pics of your true / imagined selves, more fun if an image that portrays your Cult self, and I shall attempt to blend them into some sort of creation. I shall now do a thorough search of the web for pics of scantily clad babes in a California stylee, shame! smiley - winkeye

Mail'em to [email protected], or give me a location I can downlaod them from.


the Renaisance

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That means I'll have to find a scanner somewhere..
Will do my best.

In the mean time I suggest we go to http://www.h2g2.com/forumframe.cgi?forum=23509&thread=45884 as It's getting a bit long and sweaty here.

Vlad.smiley - smiley

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