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Hypatia the Bearded Lady!

Post 461

Post Team

~Greebo eats seven doughnuts and patiently awaits more...~

That peas still there you know... must be terribly uncomfortable


Hypatia the Bearded Lady!

Post 462

Titania (gone for lunch)

*a grumpy smiley - clown enters, stumbling over her too big shoes, with a white box in her left hand*

The words spreads around quickly at a circus - hi Greebo...

*hands Greebs the white box, containing stuff bought at one of the many stalls*

*collapses in a chair with a moan*

These shoes are killing me, you know! I don't know what's worse - too big or too small shoes!

And all this paint on my face gives me rashes!smiley - sadface

Hypatia the Bearded Lady!

Post 463


*decides to make the trapeze boy a carrot cake in hopes of improving his vision---removes the pea from her beard and drops it into the batter*

*looks at the rash on the clown's face.....offers a soothing benedryl cream and bandaids for her heels*

Has anyone seen the fortune teller?

Hypatia the Bearded Lady!

Post 464

Wolfgang and Houndstooth

Red Hots! Get yer Red Hots! smiley - hotdog

Popcorn! Butter 10 p extra! Get yer popcorn here! smiley - popcorn

Cold drinks! Beer! Root Bear! Lemonade! smiley - ale

Red Hots! Get yer Red Hots! smiley - hotdog

smiley - chef

Hypatia the Bearded Lady!

Post 465


I'll take a hot dog, please, Wolfgang.

*throws her beard over her shoulder so it won't get mustard stained*

And a root beer.

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