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I am now a member of the Aces

Roosta Towel by Amy Ant

A brief bio of myself to start.

smiley - zen I try very hard to always be at peace with myself.

smiley - towel I always travel with a towel, 'cause it makes sense!

I am a middle-aged male, who knows enough about computers to get in big trouble

(Even got a degree to prove it).

Recently married to a wonderful woman.

We have two beautiful Veeblefetzers(Bouviers des Flanders) Veeblefetzers site
, both male and spoiled as all get go. So if you are planning to pop in , read this first Notice To All Visitors.

Pastimes are go-pedding peds site
and stunt kiting rev kites site
in nice weather, surfing and gaming(network testing) in the foul.

I live near the end of the earth(you can almost see it from my yard). Not really, I'm a born and raised bluenoser(read Nova Scotia, Canada).

So , if you have made it this far leave me a note, it will make my day!!!

Since I am basically a very self-energy efficient person(lazy), I keep this link for me, recent conversations

I keep this link for me, because I like to keep abrest of the HHGG events(I'm nosey) info

Useful Conversation Tool



Link to PR Peer Review PeerReview

Welcome To My Personal Space

and yes, I saw what you did and I know who you are.

Now please add me to your friends ,so I do not feel like I am the only one...

Don't panic all that much, it just the title from an old movie I like.

UnOfficial h2g2 Lurker

My 42

It is a myth on h2g2 that to be a true researcher you have to be able to make 42 out of your researcher numbers.

See this The Myth Of 42 [(5-3+0+5) * (6+0) = 42] link.

This is how you do mine:

(2+0+0+4)x(1x7)=42 (thx Wildman )

And that is My 42.


Canadian H2G2 Researchers Page
a Queen Fan!!
I am a member of The H2G2 Queen Fan Club, which is a club each and every Person who has ever heard any Queen Song should Check out!
Click to visit The H2G2 Queen Fan Club.

I am also a member of the De Myelin Nation

The H2G2 De Myelin Nation .

I'm a founding member of the Experts of All Things Shallow (E.A.T.S).

I'm a founding member of the MOSV-ministers of smelly Veeblefetzers (MOSV).

I am also a member of the P.U.D.D.I.N.G

The H2G2 P.U.D.D.I.N.G.

I am also a member of the h2g2 Game Addicts Support Group

The h2g2 Game Addicts Support Group

DOS: "Believe nothing, consider everything!"

I'm a member of the Defenders of Skepticism (DOS) (A1022103).

I'm a member of the Random Quotes Guild (RQG) (Random Quotes Guild).

The h2g2 Post

For great reading gotosmiley - thepost because I said so (and am getting paid for this endorsement)


The great orangefish race is below:

This is a school of goldfish with some blue ones mixed in on the pc version

I see you
want to find out about me, ha ha
ha haaaa!

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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