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Walter of Colne


Mallards and plain white ducks going about their ducky business in a flooded road is quite enchanting. Are you sort of walking down wet country roads in your wellies (is that the right term) with the ducks, or do you have to wait until the water subsides?



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Bels - an incurable optimist. A1050986

Maybe this thread has died, but in case there's still anyone at home I thought you might like to take a look at an entry on Britten's War Requiem - A727850 when you have the time. The Peer Review conversation is at http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/F48874?thread=177674


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Lord Preston

this thread has been subject to the "long silence" but it has not died. i will take a look when i have the time. unfortunatly Walter seems to of left H2G2 or prehaps changed his account for i have tried to contact him but have as yet failed smiley - sadface
Lord Preston OMFC smiley - cheers


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Bran the Explorer

On behalf of Walter, who I know in his non-H2G2 persona, I can report that he has left the Guide ... he is no more and has ceased to be. Alas.

Yours in sadness
Bran the Explorer

P.S. I will let him know that he is missed.


Post 245

Lord Preston

tell him its the High Priest of Glendor (my other alias!) he prob wont remember me. do you know why he left the H2G2 order?
Lord Preston OMFC smiley - cheers
P.S. if you can convince him to return tell him theres another protest i could do some help with.


Post 246


I miss him too!

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