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Forgot to share adorable pictures with y'all!

Sorry, I got caught up in other things, and forgot to share these absolutely adorable pictures with y'all. I babysat some newborn kittens for a friend, and they were precious beyond belief. Awww......

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Do I have any friends looking for a Gmail invite?

I'm assuming that everyone who really, really wanted one has an account already. But, if there is anyone looking for a more functional alternative to Hotmail, but still web-based and free, drop me a line here.

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I love the Olympics

That's all.

smiley - discosmiley - magicsmiley - discosmiley - magicsmiley - disco

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Just talked to my little sister, and SHE GOT A JOB! She's going to be teaching 2nd grade ESL, and starts next week. I am so insanely, amazingly grateful for this I can't express it. We've all been worrying, and fretting, and praying over this like you won't believe -- she graduated last December, and has been having an awfully tough time finding something. This even pays a lot better than she had hoped for -- almost as much as I was making when I first got my masters degree!

AND she has a new apartment to move into.

Oh, I'm just so gloriously happy!

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One of those really, incredibly odd, amazing, miraculous occurrences....

So, I get to work this morning, and there's a voice mail waiting for me -- my father had called, telling me that my grandfather was in the ICU and probably dying, and that I should call for updates. This wasn't a tremendous shock -- after all, the man has both metastatic prostate cancer and congestive heart failure.

Of course, he didn't leave a number -- and they were staying in some unknown hotel in the town where my grandparents live, and his cell phone number had changed since I last used it. This is annoying, but not all that unusual -- when I was in college, I once came home to an answering machine message of "We think your grandfather (other one) is dead, but we're not sure. Someone will probably let you know." aaaarrrrrggghhh.

Anyway, I managed to track down a contact number (although it involved calling just about every relative I know, including some I wish I didn't).

I call, and find out that he had been declared essentially hopeless by the doctors yesterday -- that his neurological responses were all gone, there wasn't significant brain wave activity, etc. They got my grandmother and father to do all of the paperwork for the "do not resuscitate" order, and planned on removing the ventilator tube this morning. So this morning, they remove the tube -- and my grandfather wakes up. And I mean *truly* wakes up, not just starts breathing on his own but still unconscious. He can talk, move some (but not all) of his body, recognize all of the family members, etc.

It never ceases to amaze me how much there is in our world that science just can't really explain.

Now, of course, I'm worried about my grandmother -- she was insanely distrustful of doctors *before* this happened -- to the point where she's not even willing to let a doctor know when the pain or breathlessness gets unbearable.


Any warm thoughts and prayers people might have to spare would be appreciated....

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