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Another frightening news bit

For those who don't have the energy to click over and read, here's the summup:

The NRA is using its ample funding to create it's own TV shows, radio stations, and news coverage.

Is anyone else frightened by this, or am I just being extra paranoid today?

It's not even *this* that frightens me so much -- it's the idea of what might happen if all sorts of other groups follow suit. Can't you just see sitcoms about abortion coming?

smiley - erm

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Updates to the blog

Well, I've made some updates to , and it will soon have some pictures of my new apartment. And of the cats getting used to the new apartment. smiley - winkeye

smiley - mouse

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The sigh of relief that was heard across the world

Turned in the written portion of my general exam at 3am this morning, 5 hours before it was due. Could have worked on it longer, but I was afraid that:

a) I would reach the point of changing things that shouldn't be changed, in my sleep deprived delirium, or
b) I would fall asleep, and miss the deadline

I also kept reminding myself that this is essentially a pass/fail endeavor. Admittedly, the bar for passing can be relatively high, but still -- it means that there's not much point spending time stressing over minor points (like grammar smiley - winkeye) that would not be make or break issues.

And, I also kept reminding myself that the worst thing that could happen was having to do it all over. Yes, that would really, truly suck -- not only in terms of time, but also in terms of self-respect. But, it would not be an insurmountable barrier.

smiley - sleepy

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Maybe off for a few weeks....

The written portion of the general exam for my PhD began this morning. And the minute that is done (I have two weeks to complete it), I am moving to a new place.

So I probably won't be on here much in the interim. And if you do see me around, please tell me to get lost and go do something productive. smiley - winkeye

-- Mikey

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Grrrr.... And people ask why I don't live there anymore?

A few points:

The Girl Scouts, for many years now, have had badges on topics like HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, coping with puberty; there is even now a new on dating violence.

In order to do *any* of these activities, or even the badges that deal with substance abuse prevention, we're required to get signed permission slips from each of the parents. And the permission slips have to clearly state what topics will be covered, where the material is coming from, and to make sure parents know that their daughters certainly aren't required to attend. Oh, and parents are allowed to see the materials in advance if they want.

Personally, I think that:

a) these topics are really important. While many of them are now covered in school, girls often don't feel comfortable asking questions in that kind of setting.

b) we really go as far as humanly possible to make sure that girls are only receiving this kind of programming if their parents are okay with it.

Planned Parenthood has done an amazing job of making resources available to Girl Scout programs. They have classes there at their clinics for youth, and they are willing to send someone out to your troop meeting. If they send someone out, you can talk with the teacher in advance about what material will be covered and tailor it to the needs of your group if need be. The resources thay have far outstrip what I could have ever put together as a leader on my own - one time they actually brought out what was essentially a medical dummy, so that girls could see exactly what their first pelvic exam would involve. Another time they brought out a bunch of breast models so that the girls could all learn how to do breast self-exams.

As far as I can tell, the main thing the protesters seemed to be upset about wasn't the content of the programming (which in reality, doesn't include info on abortions or homosexuality unless requested - in fact, where I was, we didn't even get into on birth control unless requested) -- they were upset that the organization they preferred to paint as "all bad" was being recognized for doing something positive in their community.


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