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I passed....

I actually, finally, really passed my oral exams.

One of those things where I was pretty sure that I would pass, but was still awfully anxious about how horrendous the experience would be getting there.

Plus, the fact that the paperwork has a checkbox on it that says, in effect, "This student sucks and is not only failed but hereby tossed out of the school immediately" really freaked me out.

Some things are just *wrong*.

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Latest reply: May 20, 2004

Remember the priest from the Princess Bride?

Well, I have been hopping around and trying different churches since my most recent move, and at the parish I was at this morning, the priest was so much like the one from the Princess Bride that I had a really difficult time keeping a straight face.

It wasn't so bad during the earlier parts of the service, but then came the homily. Here's my attempts at phonetic transcription:

"We awww have ew-wotic thawts and feewings. These awuh natuwal, and the wesult of evowution. But we should not confuse such feewings with wuv, which is something ewse awtogethuh. Wuv is what makes us who we awuh."

I managed not to laugh or even smirk too visibly, but it was difficult, which of course made me feel bad. It didn't seem to be having any affect on the people around me, but then they:

1) are probably used to him and his speech patterns. he does seem like quite a nice priest, all in all.

2) are mostly first generation immigrants, so it seems quite likely that many of them have never seen The Princess Bride.

If the homily hadn't been all about WUV, I don't think it would have hit me nearly as hard......

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Latest reply: May 9, 2004

New Entries up for Review

Well, I currently have 1 entry in the Update Forum, and another 2 in Peer Review -- if anyone is even vaguely interested, I'd love to hear your feedback on them. I'd be especially interested in hearing from those of you who *don't* spend time in Peer Review -- not that I don't love getting critiques from the regulars, but I think a fresh point of view every now and then can keep us from getting too stale and repetitive, you know?

So, here they are:

The one in the Update Forum is on my high school. Here's the entry (A1298810), and here's the Update thread (F149889?thread=397552 ).

The first one in PR is on the Ice Skating Institute, one of the 2 main organizations offering ice skating lessons in the US. Here's the entry (A1233578), and here's the PR thread (F48874?thread=408925 ).

The third one is on a multicultural mall/community center around here - I used to live across the street from it. Entry (A2538812), PR thread (F48874?thread=410236 ).

Any feedback would be lovely. Believe me, I know the 2nd one is probably boring as smiley - bleep -- I'm just not sure how to make it more interesting.

smiley - cheers

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Latest reply: Apr 20, 2004

The new apartment...

Well, they replaced the hot water heater in my new apartment this morning. So I now have hot water that *isn't* brown, which is altogether a happy thing. smiley - winkeye

For those who are curious, here are some photos of the new place, in its current state of semi-randomly half-unpacked disarray.

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Latest reply: Apr 19, 2004

I love seeing things like this

I hope I kick that kind of a** when I'm 47.

smiley - cheers

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Latest reply: Apr 19, 2004

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