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Leavenworth, WA
Bellevue, WA
the hell of writing science fiction
peanut butter
brak, space ghost
Daisy Low and the history of the US girl scouts
being a girl scout leader
those little picture taking booths
cat food
furniture that comes in a box
redecorating your apartment on a tiny budget
how and why to decorate your office/cubicle
latch-hook rugs, cross-stitch, and other pseudo-needlework
do you have ESP?
sesame street
red dwarf

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Latest reply: Jul 12, 2000

Sad day in the life of the Sea Monkeys....

King Banjo has died. Of course, before he went, he ate all of his remaining subjects and kinfolk to protect them from the anarchy of a king-less aquarium.

Let us all offer up a moment of silence, in respect for the passing of this greatest of the brine shrimp.

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Latest reply: Mar 24, 2000

Sea Monkey Sex

Let me just add that King Banjo has spent the last two weeks mating like crazy.

Watching Sea Monkeys have sex is a rather amusing office pastime. They attach themselves to one another, and them swim furiously around the tank in that position for extended periods of time.

Of course, the best thing about Sea Monkey sex is that it very quickly results in MORE SEA MONKEYS!!!! Sea Monkeys beget Sea Monkeys who in turn beget yet more Sea Monkeys.

The never-ending cycle of life. This is *way* cooler than the Lion King.

smiley - smiley

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Latest reply: Jan 29, 2000

King Banjo of the Sea Monkeys

I have 42 Sea Monkeys. They live in a castle. The biggest one is the king. His name is Banjo, so I call him King Banjo. He eats any disrespectful sea monkeys. The sea monkeys swim and swim and swim and sometimes they eat. If you give them the special sea monkey plasma, they will grow extra big and strong.

Banjo is my special friend.

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Latest reply: Nov 4, 1999

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